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BHS Jazz Band!! We hired a quartet for an office party last year a they were outstanding! They were the talk of the 100+ people who attended. You can work with them on the size and instrument make up of the group. And they're very reasonable priced. You can contact them at: http://www.bhsjazz.org/hire-a-combo/.


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  • Traditional jazz for small reception

    Traditional jazz for small reception

    July 2001

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good jazz combo to play at a small reception? Traditional jazz musicians (preferably in the East Bay), rather than the kind of pop-jazz bands that sometimes play at receptions are preferred. I've checked the web site, but didn't find any recommendations of this sort. Any recommendations from jazz afficionados out there are greatly appreciated! Elizabeth

    Try Nancy Boyles Jazz Quartet. I have seen them play in the Mission and they're great! You can reach them at (510) 843 0595. David and Vivienne
    Try the Paterson Schoenwetter jazz duoa guitar and bass husbandandwife team. I think they also play in a jazz trio with a drummer, too. They play all the usual jazz standards, but are not limited to those. Their phone number is 5108430768. Clarisse
    My husband, Mitch Schrift, is a jazz pianist/teacher who performs regularly with jazz combos in various configurations, ranging from a duo (piano and bass) to a full group (piano, bass, drums, saxophone, guitar, vocals, etc.). He's very experienced, and plays with really great musicians. I may be biased, but I think they sound fabulous. Plus they're all the nicest people. He plays (a duo) every Sunday evening at Carta Restaurant in San Francisco at 1760 Market Street if you want to go hear him play. You can also give him a call at 5282827 and talk with him about what you're looking for, or email him at PianoTeacher at mindspring.com. Suzanne
    Lianna My husband is a jazz saxophonist (he plays tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones, flute and clarinet.) He plays lots of weddings and receptions, and can put together whatever size ensemble you need for your event. If you're on a really tight budget, he can also find you a group of good college student musicians from the college groups he teaches. Please contact him directly to discuss your needs, budget, etc. His name is Dave LeFebvre (pronounced LeFay), and his email is DaveLeFebvreJazz at aol.com.