Jazz Day-Time Concerts?


I am interested in taking my 3 young kids to a jazz performance.  Could be one of those brunchy jazz things nothing too formal.  Anyone know where around Berkeley or the surrounding areas I can go?  

Most performances take place in the later evening but I'm looking for something either in the day time or earlier evening.

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BHS Spring Jazz concerts are coming up! All concerts will be at the BHS Little Theater and will start at 7:00 p.m and are FREE to all BHS students and staff, and to everyone 18 and under.  $10 admission for all others. No one turned away due to lack of funds. 

  • Wed., May 25:  11:00 Band and 4:00 Band and Combos

  • Thur., May 26:  2:00 Band and 3:00 Band and Combos

  • Fri., May 27:  Jazz Ensemble and Combos


SF Jazz has family matinees - we attended them a couple of times when our kids were little and they were great. Not sure what the status is during covid but here's their webpage: https://www.sfjazz.org/education/kids-and-family/

Cheese Board in Berkeley often has jazz performers. It would be hit or miss, but if you live nearby you could take a walk past.

Oakland Museum is hosting free "Lunchtime Sessions"  outdoors. Looks like a variety of music is scheduled. They have a mailing list. https://museumca.org/2022/lunchtime-sessions-music-dance-and-storytelli…


Anavivs table or riggers loft 


My neighbor hosts porch concerts nearly every Sunday afternoon and a lot of the bands have been jazz or jazz-adjacent. https://www.susannaporte.com/gigs. She doesn't post the address online but you can PM me if you want it.


Ashkenaz (https://www.ashkenaz.com/) is reopening soon and hosts all-ages shows, sometimes jazz. Yerba Buena Gardens (https://yerbabuenagardens.com/events/) in SF (easy BART ride/short walk) used to do free outdoor daytime summer concerts, although it looks like maybe this year isn't happening. They were great for small kids because there's room to run around, explore the fountain, dance, etc.


The California Jazz Conservatory and Jazzschool at 2087 and 2040 Addison Street in Berkeley has free and ticketed concerts, by both professionals and students at the school.  Many daytime concerts. Both buildings of the CJC are on Addition across from one another.  Easily accessible by BART. https://cjc.edu/concerts/


Hello I usually perform jazz Latin blues on Fourth St. First Saturdays of the month right at Peet’s plaza. The time of our performances is usually one pm til three pm.  pJay


If you don't mind going into SF, the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival is perfect for this--both weekday and weekend afternoon and evening free performances of jazz, salsa, and other types of music plus dance and kid-centered shows. It's a short walk from BART but also easy to drive and park nearby, traffic to be expected. Most events are outdoors with plenty of room to stretch out and let your kids dance and play. https://ybgfestival.org/events/

In addition to some of the other more local suggestions, the UC Botanical Garden had a Thursday evening summertime outdoor concert series pre-pandemic that they intended to bring back this summer, though it's not clear if that is happening yet. They usually had an interesting selection of music, including some jazz. https://botanicalgarden.berkeley.edu/summer-concerts-2019

Finally, though I haven't checked this out yet myself (it's on my list!), Riggers Loft winery in Richmond has live music Friday evenings and Sat/Sun afternoons. Small cover charge, kid friendly, and parents can enjoy a glass of wine/cider/whatever. https://www.riggersloftwine.com/calendar