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Cowboy performer for an adult party


I am looking for referrals for an enthusiastic cowboy performer for an adult party with a western theme. Ideal performers would know how to crack a whip, do rope/lasso tricks. If they could casually teach line dancing (Texas two-step, etc.)that would be a bonus! Thanks! Rue

In response to the inquiries re an event for adults involving coyboy theme (w/rope etc.) and also for the parent looking for entertainment for her daughter who loves horses, I can recommend Lariet Larry (510-632-1969). He performed at my office's picnic a few years ago when we had a western theme. He was fabulous. He advertises in Parents' Press. He uses audience participation as part of his act and does fancy rope tricks, music and stories about the Old West. He travels to where you are. Trisha

Try calling Celebrity Gems, Stan Heimowitz, 510/581-5964. I've booked lots of different acts through him for several years. Tell him Helena sent you. Good luck! Helena