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Halloween-themed entertainer for 5 year old party

Sept 2013

I'm looking for a children's party entertainer, who can do halloween-themed entertainment for a five-year old party...not scary or gory, but still halloween-y...not sure if it exists, but thought I'd give it a try! Thanks

Emily Butterfly entertained with puppets at a friend's child birthday party (turning 5) and was very creative and engaging. Her style is kind of goth, and I bet she can do a great Halloween show! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emily-Butterfly-Productions/170015716376932 Mama

Try Prince Luke D'Arlington: http://www.gigsalad.com/prince_luke_darlington_emeryville I met him at a friend's party. He was absolutely fantastic with young kids. He is really energetic and imaginative. He can play a LOT of different costumed characters, has a great arsenal of activities, and his website says he loves collaborating with parents and party-throwers.

Halloween Birthday Party for 4-year-old

August 2003

I am planning a birthday party for my 4 year old which will have a halloween/autumn theme to it. I thought it would be fun to do sugar skulls and decorate pumpkins. I'd love to hear more creative ideas. Also, I'm not sure of the best way to do sugar skulls. Thanks for any contributions.

Hi. My October-born daughter had a halloween themed party when she turned 7. That's a little older than your's, but I think one fun activity would work with that age, too. Invite kids to come in costume (have a few dress-ups available in case someone arrives without). As soon as each child arrives, take his/her photo. With very little effort, I rigged up a Halloween backdrop for the photos, using a folding screen, tissue paper, and that gauzy spider webby stuff. Then, get the pictures made up quickly, so they are ready before the end of the party - either send someone out to a one-hour developing place, have someone print them out at home if you are so equipped, or use Polaroids. Meanwhile, have kids decorate frames as a party activity. We used CHEAP clear acrylic frames (I added a colored paper ''mat'' to help define where to decorate), but simple wooden or cardboard frames would work too. We did very simple decorations - little stickers (including some Halloween themed ones), and various beads/jewels/plastic thingies that will stick well with just a blob of Elmers (use the colored kind for variety). When the frames are dry and the photos are ready, just stick them in. Voila! It's a party favor too! R.K.

We had a great halloween party last year doing two things: I made plain cookines in advance (storebought dough that you slice) and had the kids decorate with orange, black and white frosting and various sprinkles. They loved it! I bought small pumpkins (though not the tiny ones as they have such bumpy ridges) and the kids painted them with acrylic paints. You can get cheap paint sets at Michaels. We were also going to do face-painting but had too much fun with the other stuff and ran out of time. Have fun! Elizabeth