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ISO of a brown-skinned Princess/Fairy for a kids birthday party

Feb 2015

Hello BPNers,
I'm in search of a party character for my daughters' birthday party on Feb 14 in Berkeley. We are African-American, and unfortunately, many of the themed characters- princesses, fairies, pirates, etc, are not of African-descent, or even people of color. It's important to me that my daughters see themselves represented culturally even in the fantasy world of fairies and princesses. Where are the brown-skinned fairies and princesses??? If you, or anyone you know of has the costume, the make- up, and the talent to sing and engage about 30 preschooler for a sing-a-long please reach out to me ASAP. I would love to learn more about you.
Desperately Seeking Tiana.... Carli

How about the 'Frog Princess' (based on the Disney movie) from http://amazingfairytaleparties.com? Or maybe Fairyland could recommend someone - they seem to have a pretty diverse cast of performers from what I remember. Surprised There Aren't More Options

Did you try this company? www.karismagicparties.com 888-631-3940
Good luck!

You might want to contact Oakland School for the Arts or the Berkeley High School Dance Department (Linda Carr teaches Dance Productions). Perhaps one of the talented African-American high school students would be up for a job as a princess -- she might need more support than an adult in terms of the props and all, but the energy would probably be very good. anon

Since you didn't get any responses to your post for individuals, I just wanted to recommend that you contact Bay Area Children's Theater 510-296-4433 and Berkeley Playhouse 510-845-8542. Both use multi-cultural casts and would probably have actors who would be happy to do a side gig. Additionally, Berkeley Playhouse has a teen young actor studio program- that might also be another potential source for you.

Sorry I don't have any good rec's for a specific person, but since you didn't get any I thought this avenue might be worth pursuing. Kris

Entertainer from magicprincess.com

Dec 2006

I am thinking about hiring an entertainer from magicprincess.com in the Bay Area for my daughter's 4th birthday party in our home. Has anyone used them and had a good or bad experience they would like to share? Were they good and entertaining for 4 year olds (both girls and boys)? Reliable and pleasant? Worth the money ($169 for 1 1/2 hours)? I would really appreciate your comments! Judy

We hired the magic princess people for my daughter's recent 4th birthday party. I would give it an unenthusiastic mixed review. It was ok but not as magical as they appeared in our communication before the party. Maybe it was just the entertainer we got but she seemed pretty inexperienced, overwhelmed, managed time badly, lukewarm. Nevertheless, all the children seemed to enjoy it.

Disney Princess for Birthday Party

May 2006

We are two moms who have completely given in to our 2-year- old's obsession with Disney princesses. We are looking for an entertainer who can come to our house for her 3rd birthday party, dressed as Snow White (or Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or Jasmine or . . . ) and provide some entertainment, like face painting, balloon art or the like. I've searched the archives but haven't found anything specifically about Disney princesses. We were at the playground the other day and someone had Cinderella at their party and our daughter was completely awestruck! I've seen several ads in Parents Press, but would like a recommendation if someone found a princess they liked, or a warning if someone used an entertainer that we should stay away from. Noel

Hi, We hired someone from the Magic Princess last year for our daughter's birthday party and they were wonderful! Here is their website: http://www.magicprincess.com/index.html

Our daughter turned 4 and her entire preschool class was at our home. We opted for a clown and the kids ADORED her! She did a little magic show with them and really engaged all the children. I believe that we had hired her for 1 1/2 hrs, so when there was time left, she sang songs with them in the back yard. After that I took pictures of each child with her and enclosed that in the thank-you cards that I sent later. Some of the kids still talk about this party. She made them do ''magic'' and they really believed that they were doing it.

They were reasonably priced (believe I paid $120 + a tip) and it was a huge hit! I checked their website and saw several princesses that are probably exactly what you are looking for, but they are not affiliated with Disney, so they can't call them by their actual name. For example: Snow White is the Snow Princess. Good luck! JOJ

We just had a princess come to my 6 year old's party from Firepixie (www.firepixie.com). They had many different Disney princesses to choose from (we got Cinderella), and she did some magic tricks, made a balloon animal for my daughter and did some wonderful face painting on all the kids. My daughter was thrilled and all of the kids had a lot of fun, so I would definitely recommend them.
Another mom of a princess girl

Hi there, Definitely check out Firepixie Entertainment (Firepixie.com). They are the BEST. Erin was Sleeping Beauty (the best princess because she has a pink dress in case you were wondering) for my daughter's 4th birthday party. She did magic, balloons, tea party, brought out the cake, etc. and didn't miss a beat when my daughter mentioned that she had met her at Disneyland two weeks earlier. :) Not the cheapest but by far the best I've seen. We did the party at Fairyland and she met us there so very flexible as well. It's hard to give into the princess thing, I know but it is actually quite fun to go through it as an adult (just don't tell anybody I said so!). Have fun and enjoy all the glitter, pink and purple while you can. Kristie

We just had ''Ariel'' back for a second time for my daughter's 6th birthday party (first time was when my daughter turned four). Be sure to ask for Erin. She did a magic show, tea party and twisted balloons into every conceivable animal for 20 kindergarten girls. Worth every penny and a huge relief to know that she was taking care of all party activities. http://www.firepixie.com/parties/theme/princess.html Feel free to email me if you have any questions! Lisa