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  • Does anyone have recommendations for good neighborhoods to explore in the Dallas Forth Worth TX area or Plano, for the purpose of relocating there? Please share any information that would be relevant for a young college graduate to know that would impact social, career, recreation, etc.

    Much appreciated!

    No personal experience in TX, but I know the owner of this website and she has lots of articles about moving out there.

    good luck!

    The Dallas Forth Worth metroplex is HUGE and Plano is just one suburb within it. To get a sense of distance, Plano is about 20 miles north of downtown Dallas and downtown Forth Worth is 35 miles west. Do they have a job lined up? If yes, I would highly recommend looking within a 15-20 minute no-traffic drive of that job to not spend their life in traffic. Also, what is a "good" neighborhood have for them? What is their budget for rent? Do they want to live in a more urban walkable neighborhood of or they looking for as much space as they can get? Do they want to live somewhere with older buildings or do they want a newly created neighborhood? The DFW has had a lot of infill in the last 20 years. I personally preferred the older neighborhoods closer to downtown, but I don't want recommend areas that are out of their budget. More details please!

    I lived in Fort Worth, TX for about 3 years in my early 20s. It’s such a fun city with tons to do and lots of recent college grads! I preferred being in Fort Worth vs Dallas. There are a lot of housing options in Forth Worth across a variety of budgets, depending on how close you want to live to downtown/7th street/the newer areas with bars and restaurants.

    From my experience, the suburbs tended to be filled more so with families than young professionals, but I’m sure there are plenty of younger folks in the suburbs too. 

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I'm a 3rd generation Texan, now living here for 10 years.  My special-needs son, now adult, is much, MUCH better served right here in California.  If Texas is where you want to go, what about Austin?  This is where I lived as a Univ. of Tex student and onward for 40 years.... or San Antonio? The suburbs of either of these two would be better than Dallas.   --- All the best, no matter where you go.