Moving to Texas or Georgia

Can anyone share their experience of moving to Texas or Georgia from the Bay Area? Looking at Dallas suburbs- McKinney, Frisco, Allen. Atlanta suburbs- Alpharetta, Duluth, Suwanee. Pros/Cons? We’re a multicultural family with a child with special needs. We want to live somewhere affordable, safe, with good public or private schools, and welcoming to diversity.

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I'm a 3rd generation Texan, now living here for 10 years.  My special-needs son, now adult, is much, MUCH better served right here in California.  If Texas is where you want to go, what about Austin?  This is where I lived as a Univ. of Tex student and onward for 40 years.... or San Antonio? The suburbs of either of these two would be better than Dallas.   --- All the best, no matter where you go.  

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My daughter just moved to Dallas/McKinney this year.  She likes it except for the heat and the cold.  But she did say there is a very strong anti-Calfornia invasion tone with SOME people.  If they know she is from California they aren't nice to her at all.  They see "us" as driving up home/rent prices, bringing liberal values, changing the political climate.  She has found a lot of non-mask wearing/covid is a farce Trump supporters.  One the plus side, prices for things are lower, but they are increasing.

Hope this helps in making up your mind.