Seeking a Young Teen Social Network

Are you looking for nice kids for your 12-13 year old teenager to hang out with? Me too. I have a 13 year old son who I am home schooling due to ADD issues. He spent five years at Waldorf school and really loved it there, but was falling behind in the language arts. We home schooled him for fifth grade and he was able to meet and exceed grade level expectations, however his social skills fell behind those of his peers. We enrolled him in public school for sixth grade and he really hated the social dynamics in which his peers were engaging. Can you believe Yo Mama jokes are still fresh for teenagers? He was unimpressed. He is back at home for 7th grade and quite content with his online learning modules and tutoring. 

He loves movies, day hikes, building gadgets, playing board games and day dreaming about things he wants to invent. If you are in the East Bay and have a young teen who is looking for a group of nice kids to hang out with in a group setting, let's get our kids together and see if we have a good fit.  


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Hi Luci!

Have you checked out the homeschooling park days?  We go to Alameda Oakland Home Learners park day (, we have a small group of middle-school aged boys, and you and your son would be welcome!

There are other groups, too, like the SFBUN group in Berkeley.