Windshield chip repair recommendation?

Hello! All of the windshield chip/small crack repair recommendations here on BPN are old, so I thought I'd ask if anyone had a great experience with chip/small crack repair lately? In my old town there was a company that did an amazing job (traveled to you, basically make the chip disappear). Although cost does matter, I'm more interested in a mobile option that can do a great job. Thanks!  

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We used Safelite recently and were happy with them. Our insurance covers windshield crack repair with no deductible (worth asking if yours does too) so I have no idea what it cost, though. They came to us and were quick and pleasant.

I’ve used Auto Glass Express on San Pablo in Berkeley too many times to count both for chip repair and the regular window smashes I seem to receive living in the Bay Area. Fast, affordable and they offer a mobile service too. Also my insurance covers one chip repair a year and they made that easy too.