Car Windshield Repair

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May 2010

I have a big crack in my windshield that I've been living with for a long time. I need to replace it but don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it, and the quotes I've gotten so far vary so wildly. Does anyone have a recommendation for a quality company to replace it for me at a reasonable price? The BPN listings are all outdated. Thanks. kim

I've been pleasantly surprised with Glass on the Move, somewhere around International and 3rd St in Oakland. They were quick and easy on the three separate times I've needed either windows replaced or chips in the windshield filled in. I stopped in one time with no appointment, and the other times they came to me. They deal with insurance, just taking the deductible. I recommend them. Bryan

I just had a good experience with Sid's for a cracked windshield. They were recommended by Eddie at AVS Auto, who I trust totally, and while Sid's is located by Oakland Airport, they came to my Berkeley house and did the job. They also have great reviews on yelp. east bay mom

If I were you I would inquire with Craig Gaignard at Gilman Collision in Berkeley. He can be reached at 510-528-5940. He runs an amazing shop (in Berkeley). He has a lot of integrity, he really takes care of his clients, and he is an all-around really nice guy. I've heard many people say that you could eat off the floor of his shop. That might not help you with the windshield that you need, but it just shows what a top notch shop he runs. The service he has always given to me has been TOP NOTCH! Check him out! Satisfied!

Steve at Reliable Auto Glass will give you a good price, and he'll come to you to fix it too. geraldine

As it happened, I just had my windshield replaced a few days ago after it mysteriously cracked. My car insurance company recommend All Star Glass, but I got a quote from Clear Vision Auto Glass that was $90 less, so I was going to go with them. They called me the day before they were supposed to come, and said that actually the price I had been quoted was just for the windshield, and that labor would be another $100. I went with All Star instead. They came when they said they would and charged me what they quoted, and the new windshield is, well, as good as new. I have to say, I love how the windshield replacement companies come to your house to do the repair--I wish more companies did that! I can see clearly now

Cal Glass. They're on Shattuck, near Alcatraz. In the same situation, I called a LOT of places out of the yellow pages, and their price was by far the lowest (not sure how they do that!) They did a good job -- I had my winsdhield replaced over 2 years ago, and It's still good, no leaks or anything. L

August 2003

Can anyone recommend somewhere to replace a cracked windshield in an older Honda minivan? Somewhere inexpensive would be a plus. Close to North Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito is ideal, but willing to go further for a good deal. thanks

We've used Oakland Glass...they came to our house and replaced our Honda window twice. They were very friendly and hard working

May 2003

Due to a fluke accident, there is a star-like crack on the right side of the windshield of my minivan. It's about 6 in. tall x 8 in. wide. Anybody have any recommendations on where I should get it fixed? I'm in Berkeley. Miya

I have taken more than one car to MAZ, in Oakland, for windshield, window and even convertible top repairs. They have good prices and fast and reliable service. anonymous

May 2000

Can anyone recommend an honest and reasonable place to have a windshield replaced? Thanks. Barbara

windshield: I can't find the name, but when I had my windshield replaced I called my mechanic, who recommended a service. You could call Oakland Auto Works at 597 8388 and as for their recommendation. This company comes to your house to replace the windshield, which is great if you can't see to drive. As I recall, I had the company go to my mechanic's shop and replace the windshield while I was having my regular service done. Good luck. Linda

I just had my windshield replaced and can recommend Frank's Glass 510/548-1434. I am not related or friends with any of the people who work there or the owner. It was just a business relationship and they did a good job. Smokey