Who is required to take summer school at Berkeley High?

My kid is getting a D, and may flunk chemistry.  Will summer school be required?  How much credit can you make up in a summer?  Are there options for doing remedial classes elsewhere?  How does this even work?!

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My kid flunked chemistry at BHS and took it in the summer.  She got an F for the semester, and an A in summer school.  The population was a bit rough- the quiet, polite kids generally aren't the ones going to summer school.  But she LOVED her teacher.  And the teacher liked her too, which had not been the case during the school year.  It's not easy, but it's condensed into 4 weeks (half a day to make up each semester- she did a half day because she only failed the spring).  She worked hard, but they make it attainable.  Not a fun way to spend summer, in general, but it wasn't painful.  As far as I know, the grade can't be made up any other way.  

I just went to see my kid's academic counselor at BHS with the same question. My understanding is that summer school might be an option if they fail this semester, but if the grade improves next semester, summer school might not be required. I was also told that the kids need 1 year of a physical science to graduate and for college admission. So if they passed physics, then passing chemistry is not required. Although the counselor did recommend that if the kid fails 2nd semester, that they retake it in the fall just to show that they learned the material. I recommend meeting with the academic counselor just to check in about your kid's progress. I was encouraged by it. She also gave me a schedule of the other teachers that my kid can get help from after school. Good luck!