Where is fire insurance headed

Just wondering if any insurance professionals are on the list and have some insight about what the future might hold for fire insurance.  I know the state moratorium on cancelling policies is expiring at the end of the year.  We are looking at buying a home in the urban - open space/ forestlands boundary in Marin and trying to gauge the risk to being able to obtain and afford fire insurance down the road.  Thanks

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Without knowing the fire line score of the property you are looking at, it is difficult to make a reliable estimate of whether fire insurance will be available for a reasonable cost.

I would recommend that you or your realtor get a binding quote in advance of closing. The cost of fire insurance is likely to increase and it could be a significant increase. There is always insurance available from the California FAIR plan. There is a lot of information on the CA Department of Insurance website (www.insurance.CA.gov).  

I hope this helps.