Where are the single fish in the sea ?

We always hear that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Well I'm new to the area so I don't know where to go fishing (excuse the pun). Dating as a single parent is hard so I figured other parents would get it. 

Here's my details: Single 36 African american woman. Becoming a single mom by choice. Just moved from Seattle and would love to meet some eligible men in the area. If they have children/ single father even better. Would love to find a partner in crime but obviously won't wait for Mr. Right to achieve my goals. I live in Oakland so someone to show me around would be great! 

This is a shot in the dark but you know what they say about closed mouths... 

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Best of luck.

I am newly single as well and have met some lovely men on Bumble. As long as you are clear up front about what you want ( I.e. hook up? Long term relationship, just friends to show you around town) it should be a good way to meet. A lot of people join “meet ups” but I’m not sure how that’s working out right now with the social distancing. Best of luck to you and welcome to the bay area!

I'm not sure when a single parent dad might have time for dating so my gut feeling is that asking around as you are doing and getting introductions would be a safer bet. In my experience, folks in HR for smaller companies also seem to have an uncanny ability to know enough to be helpful, even when unsolicited, over a casual dinner. Good luck, don't give up, and don't give in.

Check out meetup.com for single parent groups.... never ended up attending myself since my kid was teen, but they seemed to be active pre-pandemic, with get togethers for parent and kids.