Where and how to try water aerobics

I am interested in trying water aerobics.  I am 60 (so not looking for pre-natal classes). I want an easy-to-follow, low-impact exercise class, and the cooling water sounds appealing. Any experienced participants out there with advice about where to start?

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Hi Karen,

I Highly recommend the water aerobics classes at the Berkeley ymca!  There are 2 teachers and I have only been to Steven Wilson’s class but it was really fun, and great to all ages. You do have to be a member of the ymca but there is no additional cost for the classes , and there are multiple classes per week, hope that helps!

- Julie 

El Cerrito swim center has aqua aerobics six days a week. It’s outdoors with music and a fun group of people. There are several different instructors that you could try out to see, which is the best fit for you. One of the instructors also teaches at a City of Berkeley pool so you may want to look into those as well if that’s closer by you. 

Aqua Exercise classes:

City of Berkeley, 9am West Campus Pool (seniors which is 50 or 55 +)

Albany MWFSunday 8am, MWF 10 am

I know El Cerrito and the Richmond Swim Center also have them.


Cardiowithcarah.com - Carah teaches at the west campus pool Sundays at 9am. Participants are range from 40-80 and all levels are welcome. She is a super fun teacher with great energy. 

The pool at Mills College in Oakland has water aerobics, IRRC Mon, Wed and Friday at 9:30am. They can be done as drop in classes, so no long term commitment. And the pool is gorgeous (it’s outdoors)