Vancouver BC with a Group of High Schoolers


We are traveling to Vancouver BC in June with a group of teens staying  at the University of British Columbia.  We'd like your best picks for:

Restaurants in that area that can accommodate large groups, and are reasonably priced.  

Best attractions to see with this rather large group of teens on a Monday.  

Finally, ideas about transportation to these places.  

Thank you!

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Restaurants - White Spot is quite popular there and reasonably-priced.  

As for attractions, they would probably enjoy Science World, the Vancouver Aquarium/ Stanley Park, Granville Island, Capilano Suspension Bridge and going up one of the local mountains - Grouse, etc.  If they're fond of the outdoors, they could do the Grouse Grind.  Since you're staying at UBC, there are nearby beaches (Spanish Banks or Jericho Beach) and if they like nature and science, there is the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.  There's also the Museum of Anthropology at UBC that's quite interesting.  If they like to shop and sightsee, downtown Vancouver has shopping on Robson Street and the Vancouver Art Gallery is nice. 

The local transportation system is quite good but I haven't lived there in years so I don't have any good suggestions.  

We just returned from a trip to Vancouver. I would suggest Stanley Park; there is much to see there, plus you can hike, walk or bike. As for restaurants in Vancouver, many are small mom and pop ones and may not have room for a large group. However, Cactus Clubs are larger and have a good selection and there are many locations in Vancouver. I would call ahead for reservations for a large group.

UBC is further out from the center of town and you will have to leave the area for restaurants and activities, but there are a number of bus routes that can take you into downtown Vancouver and the adjoining areas. 

Have fun, Vancouver is a safe and wonderful city.