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Travel to Vancouver with my mom in April

February 2008

I'm traveling with my Mom to Vancouver in early April. Any excellent things we should see or do? Good eats? Thanks! sister

We went to Vancouver and stayed in a neighborhood on the opposite side of the bay near Grainville Island. We loved the market at the island and you can take water taxis to other parts of the city. In the neighborhood where we were was an amazing selection of restaurants and shopping (i think the neighborhood is south grainville). I can't stress enough how completely delicious, fun, and warm and inviting the restaurant Vij's was and I strongly recommend you try it:

It was recently featured on the food network (that woman named Giadda, can't remember the show). Vij himself was the host and made us feel like we were family. There was a wait so he recommended we go to the bar. WE decided to walk the neighborhood and when we came back, Vij said, ''where were you? I missed you'' and led us to the bar and plied us with tea and appetizers before we had a table. It was wonderful and possibly the best indian food I've ever eaten. i love vancouver

Go to Capilano Suspension Bridge! It is in an absolutely incredible and thoroughly beautiful rainforest - and walking across the bridge while it sways above the river is pretty amazing too.

There's shopping, of course, and lots of other stuff to see and do, but Capilano is #1 on my list. Kathleen

I did not see the original post, but here are a few quick thoughts. Check out this website and lots of other stuff online. Also check for food and Fodors talk site for other ideas.

We stayed in North Van. cuz it was a little cheaper and the place had a pool, but staying in a walking neighborhood would be just great. In North Van: Lynn Canyoun Nature Center and (free) suspension bridges (wonderful little nature center in beautiful high-treed, deep gorge setting, and a cafe) Lighthouse Park (big trees), take ferry over to Vancouver. South of town there is the University's amazing museum with a huge totem pole and mask collection (WOW!). In town, the farmer's markets are great (check web). Also beaches, stanley park (rent bikes?), huge swimming pools, aquarium, Granville island art, science museum. Very easy to get around on buses, taxi boats, monorail. Folks (from all over the world) are lovely. Anon Who Wishes I Was Going

Child-friendly lodging

February 2003

We are going to Vancouver, BC in mid-April and are looking for a great, inexpensive place to stay (hotels, hostels, B & B), preferably near the UBC campus or Kitsilano areas. Any recommendations out there for child-friendly location? (Not much on the website -- I'll collect and forward anything I get to the moderator). Thanks much! Claire

We stayed at Sunset Inn and & Suites which are like mini apartments with a kitchenette. They are in the AAA book -- the location was great-- we could walk and take public transportation pretty much everywhere, and it helped with that sense of travel as imaginging one lives somewhere else. This was two years ago, and the rate was around $90/night (in American dollars). They are at 1111 Burnaby Street, Vancouver BC, Canada V6E 1P4. Phone: 1-800-786-1997. The web link is Carol

Things to do in Vancouver

Feb 2000

This is a blast from the past, but still valid from what I hear: Bouchart Gardens (sp?) is a spectacular place to wander and enjoy nature. I still remember it from a visit 43 years ago when I was all of 5 (Egads!). Lots of paths for kids to wander with their parents, but a horticultural park, not wild. I also recommend totem poles. We had a book called Tales the Totems Tell that related the Indian myths behind the totem figures. It was one of my childhood favorites. As to weather, it is the Northwest, after all. Have fun!

I'm a Canadian who lived for several years in Vancouver and Victoria, and who visits regularly with a 5 year old son. There's lots to do with kids in both cities, but it depends on your interests. In Vancouver, my son enjoys riding Sky Train (like Bart, but above ground) and taking the Sea Bus from downtown Vancouver across Burrard Inlet to North Vancouver (it is about a 20 min. ride in a hydrofoil, and is part of the regional transit system, so a day pass will let you ride Sea Bus, Sky Train and the buses). My son likes Science World, and Granville Island Public Market. He also enjoyed visiting the Museum of Anthropology at Univ. British Columbia. They have lots of hand-on exhibits, and encourange touching, playing the drums, etc. They also have lots of totem poles. Stanley Park is also nice, with beaches, totem poles, a par-3 golf course (pitch-n-put), playgrounds, a train (may not be running in April, though - I usually visit in summer and can't remember off hand). There is also the aquarium. The planetarium puts on a good show, but I haven't tried it with my son yet, so it might be better suited to older kids. In terms of accomodation, it depends on where you want to be. Obviously, downtown is convenient, but is more expensive. The Wedgewood Hotel offers suites. It is less-expensive to stay out in the suburbs. Just stay near the Sky Train route. Also, the Univ. of British Columbia has rooms and suites. They are reasonably priced, but are more available after the end of April (when term is finished). Transit is good out to UBC, and there is a nice park (plus Wreck Beach, the nudist beach, if you are into that sort of thing!!). This summer, we plan to take the Royal Hudson (steam train) up to Whistler. My son is a train buff, and will love it. The tram ride up Grouse Mountain (a ski area) is fun, too. There won't be snow, but the hiking is good if the weather cooperates.

The ferry ride to Victoria is fun. Dolphins and orcas can often be spotted, and there is a play area for smaller kids,and a video arcade for bigger kids. My son enjoys walking around on the deck. In Victoria, there are lots of tourist things in the Inner Harbour (near the Empress Hotel),including Undersea World and the Wax Museum. My husband's favourite since childhood is Miniature World, in the basement of the Empress. It is lots of scaled down dioramas. We haven't taken my son yet, but he'd enjoy it. There are lots of hotels in that part of Victoria. Also, the Univ. of Victoria rents rooms. Butchart Gardens is good if the weather is nice. In April, the weather will be mild, but could be wet. PS: Canadians think of Vancouver/Victoria as the SOUTHwest, not the NORTHwest. Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip.