Separate classes for Twins starting Kindergarten in OUSD?


Does anyone know if twins are required to be in separate classes when they start Kindergarten in OUSD? We heard this is the case. Are there exceptions? While I understand the possible pros and the reasoning for separating them, our twins will still be 4 years old when they start Kinder, and are quite attached to each other. The transition to elementary school will already be hard for them, and we feel they shouldn’t be separated until 1st grade. 

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Children must be 5 years old when they start in OUSD so it sounds like they aren't eligible for K anyway and this may be a moot point. The transition may actually go smoother if you separate them (after an expected initial tough transition) but generally, no, you don't have a say in which classroom/teacher they are placed with. 

There's no formal policy that I'm aware of, and I know families who have done it both ways--once you are assigned to a school, just talk to the principal about it. You might also consider TK since it sounds like your kids have late August birthdays--OUSD allows you to choose which to apply for, though you can only go into the lottery for one of the two grades. Most schools only have one TK class, so they'd definitely be in the same class then, and it might be a good developmental fit if you're concerned about the transition to elementary.

hi! Just responding because we also have twins around the same age. Our twins have mid August birthdays and turned 5 this year. We decided to put them in TK this year (which OUSD allows for kids near the cut off) so that we could keep them together while they adjusted to big kid school and then separate them in Kindergarten. So far it's been a great decision and they will be MUCH more ready for it next year.  I thought being young for their grade, going to a new school and being separated was too much at once.

I'm sorry that not writing with an answer for you, but rather a question - how will your kids start K if they are 4??  I have a 4 year old who turns five right after the cut-off and have been told that they will not be able to go to Kindergarten until the following year.  Feel free to PM me - and I hope someone more knowledgable answers your post! 

My son is in TK with OUSD and there is a set of twins in his class. I don't know if it's because there is just one TK classroom at the school but you might call the schools you're interested and ask what they usually do.

Just to clarify for folks, since ages came up. It is very possible to start K in OUSD at 4 since the birthday cut off is Sept. 1 and school usually starts in the first full week of August. My child would have been a 4 year old starting K because of his mid-August birthday but thankfully there was room for him in a TK class, which was a better fit for him educationally and developmentally. I do think they are fairly strict about the 4 year olds with birthdays after the September cut off starting K though. They are often willing to hold kids back, but not move them up.

Years ago I faced a similar situation with my identical twin girls in Redwood City.  I asked that they be kept together for kindergarten and first grades, which was fine.  It made my life much easier (especially because they had two older brothers in different classes).  Then we moved, to Alameda and they continued to attend second grade together.  Third grade came around, and they had had it with each other and were so happy to be in different classes!  I don't think it caused any harm for them to be together, and they let me know when it was time to be apart.  

They are now 23 years old, responsible young ladies with jobs.  They share an apartment and spend a lot of time together, but also function separately. 

I am also a twin myself, and my two cents is that it depends on their relationship.  If they want to be apart that should be supported, but to this day, I am so glad to have my twin to talk with.  We live in different cities and work in different fields.  I am married with kids and she is not.  We talk daily.  

There is no one right answer, and hopefully the school will understand and support this.