Trumpet mute help

I got a straight trumpet mute for my school-aged child's school-issued trumpet but it isn't working as expected- the sound is louder! I don't want to use too much force so I  think it is technique for use that is failing. It seems like something that would be straightforward to use so I wasn't bothered that there weren't any instructions in the box. 

In the event this one just doesn't work out to dampen the volume, does anyone have any recommendations for a particular brand and model for a school-issued trumpet mute, one that is affordable? Apartment living isn't conducive to practicing. We got a Protec ML100 which was $22 on Amazon.

Any guidance is appreciated!

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RE: Trumpet mute help ()

Depending on how serious they are you may want to invest in a silent brass system, specifically designed to deaden the sound AND in some models provide a headphone output with adjustable levels. 

I'm a saxophonist but did a search and found a good video comparing 6 different types of silent mutes.

You may want to build some acoustic panels with Roxul aka Rockwool, some 1x4's and some fabric. This will deaden the sound bouncing around your apartment from both indoors and out as well as add some cool decor. Here's one of many tutorials:

Perhaps a trumpeter can add their 2 cents. Good luck to you and your young musician!