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Trumpet teacher for a child

April 2015

I am looking for a trumpet teacher for my child. Any recommendations in the Berkeley area? Karen

My son has been taking trumpet lessons with Fletcher F. for almost a year. My son started lessons at the age of 8 and he loves his time with Fletcher. I can honestly say Fletcher is one of the biggest reasons why my son is wanting to continue with the trumpet. Fletcher keeps things FUN while learning and at the early ages, fun is key. You can reach Fletch at kidcasbah [at] Good luck! lauren

Trumpet teacher for 5th grader

Dec 2011

Dear Community, My wife, son and I are moving to Berkeley from January onwards -- I am on leave. We wanted to keep up with his music pactrice. My son has been playing the piano for a little over 3 years and we were looking to continue that. He also started playing the trumpet this year in school (in the school band here in Charlottesville, Virginia) and we would like to keep this up for the rest of the year while we are in California. My son is 11 and in 5th grade. Any suggestions for how and where to find a good trumpet and/or piano teacher? Any people to recommend. We will be living not too far from downtown Berkeley. Thanks! Peter

In addition to recommendations for private lessons, I'd highly recommend Oaktown Jazz Workshops. Truly a unique Oakland opportunity-kids play along with experienced jazz musicians, and it's amazing. My kid thrived with this, in a way that more formal lessons didn't provide. I think it's also life lessons in coming forward for improvised solos and backing off to accompany others. Can't say enough for the men who work with these young musicians, who have gone on to be national stars. My (now adult) son didn't pursue a musical career, but I think that what he learned helped him in all parts of life. Susan

Will your son be attending a Berkeley Public school? If so you're in luck. Berkeley Unified has a wonderful music program as part of the curriculum for all 5th graders. Kids choose an instrument (trumpet is one of the choices) and get approx 2 hrs instuction per week plus many opportunities to perform for an audience as a class. Anon

Trumpet teacher in Berkeley

August 2011

Looking for a good trumpet teacher for our 10 year old son. Either someone who could come to the house, or someone near downtown Berkeley/Gourmet Ghetto/lower Berkeley hills. Thanks! Berkeley Parents

I know a great trumpet teacher who is willing to go to your house or has places to go for lessons. He's fantastic - great with kids, an excellent player and very intuitive. His name is Flecher and can be reached at 510-495-5296 or flech [at] Mandy

[Editor Note: as of 2014, Paul Heggeseth has moved out of the area]  I had a wonderful trumpet tutoring experiences with Paul Heggeseth. He is a talented teacher & trumpet player, patient with his teaching and just a really great guy overall. I have recommended him on BPN before and have gotten good feedback. He recently got his masters from the conservatory in SF and has experience teaching all ages. -- Slowly learning to play trumpet

Trumpet/coronet teacher for 9 yr. old

Sept 2007

Looking for a trumpet/coronet teacher for 9 yr. old who has some experience. ruth

My daughter, then 9, took trumpet lessons last year from Sue Crum, who teaches from her home in El Cerrito. Mrs. Crum was great: calm, kind, and excellent at motivating through enthusiasm rather than criticism. I recommend her highly. Sue Crum-Private Studio Lessons for Young Musicians susancrum [at] 510-759-8368 Pamela

Trumpet teacher for 11 year old

Jan 2006

I'm looking for a trumpet teacher for my 11 year old son. He needs someone who can make lessons fun, and who enjoys working with kids. Any suggestions are most appreciated. Barbara

My 11 year old son, is also looking for a trumpet teacher. We found this class, but they need more students in order for the class to take place. The class isThe Nuts and Bolts of Brass I at the Berkeley Jazz School . Trumpet players as well as other brass players in grade 5-7 are needed. Call Rob at the Jazz School at 845-5373. Here is the web link, scroll down to Brass: Diana

Trumpet teacher who doesn't require weekly lessons

Jan 2006

Hi, I'm looking for trumpet lessons for my 11 yr old son. I've called a few places, but they only do weekly lessons, while we'd like every other (or every third) week. thanks, Eric Eric

There are good reasons for the teachers to want to see you weekly.

1) Meeting less often tends to be less motivating for a student. No feedback, no urgency to get it right before the next lesson because it is so far off.

2) Practicing the same stuff that long without a lesson means a kid may end up practicing the same uncorrected mistakes for weeks, making it really hard to improve. Besides just being boring to work on the same project for weeks and weeks.

3) Finally, it messes up their schedule. If your kid only comes in every 3rd Monday at 4, they can't schedule anyone else in that slot on a regular basis. That is, you are effectively ''using'' that time, whether you come or not, because most people expect a regular weekly time slot.

Which is to say, it may be difficult to find a teacher who will work on this kind of schedule.

Trumpet lessons for 9 year old

April 2004

My 9-year-old daughter has been asking for trumpet lessons, and Could anyone recommend a good trumpet teacher, preferably located in the North Berkeley, Albany, or El Cerrito area?

I highly recommend Sarah Cline in Berkeley for trumpet lessons. Sarah teaches both trumpet and trombone to many young people and is a positive and inspirational teacher. She is sincerely interested in the progress of her students not only as musicians but also as people. Sarah is very accomplished as a performer and instructor and well respected and connected in the music community. My 11 year old son has been taking trombone lessons from her for the past 2 and a half years and has really excelled. Sarah's email is Kangaroo AT and her phone number is 841-2241. Liz D. Thanks!

Trumpet teacher for 11 year old

July 2003

I am looking for a trumpet teacher for my 11 year old son. He has been playing for 2 years, thru the Berkeley schools music program, but he needs individual instruction and a more formal practice program to advance. Marc

For trumpet lessons, you could try ALMA in Orinda. It is right off hwy 24 and if you live in Elmwood, Claremont or South Berkeley, it is not as far as you think -- about 8-10 minutes when traffic is light. We go there 3 days a week for music instruction and prices are best I've found in the area, $18/30 minute session. The teachers are really good. They also have combo groups that your child can join, those are $18/hour and they do perform at least a few times a year. By the way, they teach all band instruments, piano, voice lessons, and foreign languages. Best Regards! Tiffany

I found my trumpet teacher, Ellen Seeling, by going into the Berkeley Jazz School, where I found her brochure. She teaches there in Berkeley some days and in Pinole at her studio at other times. Apparently, she teaches a few of the kids in Berkeley High's lauded jazz band. I'm pretty sure she teaches younger kids as well. I'm pleased with her, though I'm a grown-up, and I know kids need a different style. However, she's very positive and encouraging to me, which is good for any age. Her phone number is 510-758-2200. Pam

Trumpet lessons for 9 year old

Nov 2003

I'm looking for trumpet lessons for a nine year old boy in the Richmond/El Cerrito/Albany area. The most recent post I saw was in 2000 and I'm wondering if there is anyone new. anon

I really like my trumpet teacher, Ellen Seeling. She teaches adults and kids, and some of the famous Berkeley High Jazz Band kids are her students. She's very encouraging and positive. She teaches out of her studio in Pinole, or at the Jazz School in Berkeley. Try calling her studio - (510) 758-2200, or pick up her brochure at the Jazz School and check it out. Pam