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The company I have used for several decades (Rouse Tire) went out of business and so I would like to have recommendations for one in the Oakland-Berkeley area where I can go for rotation service as well as new, good quality tires when needed. It would be appreciated if the shop would be friendly, efficient, and above all honest in their dealings as tires are such a critically important aspect of driving and being safe. Many thanks.

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I like Don's Tire Service (https://www.donstireservice.com/) on Gilman in Berkeley. Always good work at reasonable prices. You'll want to call ahead for an appointment.

Also, the Tire Department at the Richmond Costco is surprisingly good. I've even written letters complimenting the workers to upper management. Of course, you have to have bought your tires there.

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I have had good experiences with Joe’s Tires on University. Comfortable waiting area and right by Trader Joe’s if you find yourself waiting.

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Don's Tires on Gilman. They also do brakes and some mechanical work. More than 30 years positive experience with trucks and personal cars.