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Trustworthy place to buy tires near Berkeley

May 2007

I need a recommendation for a trustworthy and reasonably-priced place to buy tires for my car, preferably in the Berkeley area. I checked the BPN archives and couldn't find anything about this. Thanks! Bridget

Don's Tire Service @ Gilman & 6th or (really) Sears Auto Center @ Hilltop Mall
I go to Rouse Tire Service in Oakland, 2340 Harrison St, (510) 834-9938. They've given good service and reasonable prices. I previously went to Big O on San Pablo near Dwight. The service was friendly but I found their tires did not stand up over time. ramisima
I really like Orozco's Tires on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. They are a couple of blocks past Dwight Way going south, on the south east corner. I like them because they are friendly and always fit me in when I drive up with either a nail in my tire or bald tires, and he has good prices, better than Big O. Also, it's not a chain and I like to support family businesses. Orozco fan
We've had several good experiences with tire repairs at Don's Tire Service on Gilman Street, just west of 6th. robin
For tires I usually use Costco and then go to Big O Tires for alignments, because Costco does not do alignments. Otherwise I go to Sears at HillTop for all in one service. If this is a new car go back to your dealer for left over tires that are for your car. Sometimes when people buy a car they upgrade the tires and rims, leaving brand new tires at a great low price for you, you just have to ask the service or parts department. Let them know that you are driving their cars. For me it was a Cadillac CTS. I had trouble getting tires for my car as there is a tire shortage, so I bought brand new tires that was removed for upgrades. James H
You can't beat Don's Tires on Gilman St. at 6th St. Website is: The service is there is great and friendly, and they have a wide range to choose from. I also go there to get flats repaired. I've gone to other places before and would feel like I was being talked down to since I'm a woman or that they were trying to make a big sale. You don't get that at Don's. anon
Auto Options on 1445 San Pablo in Berkeley - Hands down!! They are friendly, responsive, won't sell you more tire than you need and they have received top ranking as ''installers'' from 2 online tire purchase websites. OH! And you'll get the best price from them if you call around! Now that I've found them I'll never go elsewhere!

Where to get a flat tire repaired

March 2007

Can anyone recommend somewhere I could go to get a flat tire repaired? It's a tire I've had for several years on my Toyota Camry. I suspect I just drove over something sharp. Where do you go to patch tires? If it can't be fixed (hole in the sidewall or something like that, god forbid!), where could I buy a new one? I have a full-sized spare on the car now, but I know I'm flirting with danger by not getting the other tire fixed as soon as possible. I'm in Oakland, but would go pretty much anywhere in the East Bay. Thanks! --one broken bottle away from disaster

Don's Tires on Gilman street nr 6th in Berkeley is a great place. They'll fix your tire, put it on the car or hub if you want, tell you if it's no good, sell you new good tires, etc. They're very nice there. Any time I''ve gotten a flat I go there. My husband is in the auto repair business and he sends all his tire needs there. Good luck. anon
I have had my tire repaired a number of times over the past couple years at the gas station located at the corner of Telegraph and Ashby (across from Whole Foods). I feel the guys are honest and the costs reasonable. If I recall correctly, they repaired a tire that had a nail through it for about $25. They also told me my tire had a few months to go (which I agreed with) whereas my Volvo dealer was telling me I had to change my tires asap! picky mom
do you have a problem with big o? i know they're a big sloppy chain, but i've gone to them for years with all my tires needs, including diagnosing whether to repair or replace damaged ones, such as you describe and i've never come away anything less than satisfied. and if they say you need to replace it, they sell tires and, again, i feel ok with them. i have patronized both the berkeley store on san pablo at about carleton (2650 san pablo??) also one in walnut creek on broadway (i think) a block or two north of ygnacio valley road. good luck. doug h
Big O Tires. They are everywhere, and do a great job. Tired
Orozco's Tires in Berkeley is GREAT! I've had tires patched there several times & sent friends and I've always had a great experience. They're a small locally owned shop, great people, easy & willing to help. If you call ahead they're great with their time & price estimates. Best of luck to you! Here's their info: Orozco's Tires 2601 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley phone# 510-649-0629
Try Rouse in Oakland. That's where McKevitt Volvo sent us - could't fix our tire due to location of puncture, but maybe you will have better luck.
I recently had a good repair experience with Mark Morris Tires, 2850 Broadway (Auto Row area). Ran Over a Screw, Now Good as New

Where to get a spare tire repaired

Nov 2004

I am looking for a place to have a spare tire repaired. I live in North Berkeley. Convenience is a plus as is trustworthiness as I don't know much about tires myself and would be relying on the advice the sales/repair person gives me. Thanks. tracey.g

I'm a big fan of Don's Tire Service at Gilman & 6th. They're quick and honest, and if it can't be repaired, they'll tell you so -- and they have reasonably priced replacements. A bit farther to go, but my wife had a good experience at the Sear's store at Hilltop Mall a year ago. Another option for you.
I use Orozco's on San Pablo just North of Big O Tire's. It is run by some brothers (I think the one in the wheel chair is the boss). They are fast, cheap and they don't try to sell you anything you don't need. I was recommended to them by a local merchant who tries to support local businesses - I never feel like I am not getting anything that I wouldn't get a a chain. A mom supporting locally
Don's Tires on Gilman does great work and have used them for years. Nancy B

Need new tires for my Accord

May 2004

I am looking for a place in the Berkeley-Albany-El Cerrito vicinity to buy new tires for my Accord and have my wheels alligned. Thanks. Elizabeth

There's so many places out there. I'd recommend Don's Tire Service on Gilman (@ Sixth, I think). He can replace your tires with the original equipment or sell you cheaper ones. I've used them twice and been very happy both times. You might also consider the Sears store at Hilltop Mall. A bit further to go, but very competent and probably cheaper.
Try I found the service efficient and the prices competitive. You order the tires online, Tire Rack recommends a tire service in your area and ships the tires either to you or directly to the garage/dealer. You can see beforehand online what the installation and disposal fees are. Then you call locally to make an appointment for installation. Sean

Good place to buy tires?

Feb 2004

Any recommendations on a good place (Berkeley vicinity) to buy tires? Dan

Don's Tire Service @ Gilman & 6th. Quick, reasonable, honest.
While Costco has good prices, the wait time often is ridiculous (and forces you to spend excess amount of money in the store trying to kill time). We've had good luck at Big-O as well (on San Pablo at Carlton I think). But the best deal, including shipping, we have ever found was online at Granted, we (my mother, actually, the internet illiterate) was searching for higher end tires that Costco and Big-O need to special order. Finally the guy at Goodyear told her about it, and they were around $40 cheaper per tire AFTER shipping. Then we paid the local service station $20 to install them. Do a little investigation - most places will give you prices over the phone. Good luck Tire-d
Try COSTCO. Good prices, good selection, and all fitted while you wander around spending the customary $200 on toilet paper and bulk food items! They stock a good range of tires for everything from go-fast sporty cars to trucks/SUV's. Sam Evison
Costco (Richmond Annex or San Leandro) has good prices on tires and so-so service, but you have to be a member ($45/year). See David in Berkeley
Costco. Go right at opening, or be prepared to wait.

Where to buy tires and get wheels aligned

June 2003

I was wondering if anyone knows of a tire shop that does wheel alignments that is very ethical and honest. I need four tires and a wheel alignment and haven't been all that pleased with the tire/alignment shops I have dealt with thus far. Thanks in advance for any recommendations. Nancy

We've used Bill at Auto Options on San Pablo in Berkeley for many years and been very happy with his service. Melissa
We've been very happy with the sales and service at Berkeley Tire Co. on University, just below MLK. I have found them to be honest, friendly, and helpful. The added bonus is that you are supporting our local businesses! Sally N
I have had good experience at the Big O tire on San Pablo near Ashby - Big O Tires 2625 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94702 (510) 843-963. Look for Noel. They have always taken good care of me and are honest. belle
I think the folks at Mark Morris tires on Broadway at 29th in Oakland are honest and very knowledgeable. Ask for John (the guy with the Boston accent). 510-451-0355 - likes his tires
If you are a Costco member, they have the best prices far and away. You can drop off your car when you go in and they'll do it while you shop.

I have also gone to Winston Tires because the wheels that I wanted weren't offered at Costco andtheir prices were reasonable but not as good as Costco. Happy Costco Customer

I think Don's Tires on Gilman in Berkeley is a good, honest place. Plus, you can eat breakfast at Jimmy Bean's, across the street, while you wait. Kim