Therapist Recommendation for Workplace Struggles

I'm looking for an individual therapist that I can help me figure out some of the issues that I've struggled with at work with certain people, interactions, communications - especially during the pandemic, being able to not hold grudges, and learning to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them but also move on without letting these types of things get me down. I love my family and feel good about my home life and social life, but I don't always feel so confident with my work life skills. Any recommendations of a therapist that works with these types of issues? Thanks.

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Before spending on a therapist who may not be familiar with corporate life and office politics, try this book which was my Bible when i worked for law firms.

Strategies for Women At Work by La Rouse, Jancie and Ryan, Regan with foreword by Lettie Pogrebin of Ms. Magazine (about $12 on Amazon)

It is rather like a dictionary of issues and solutions: Some I found helpful: My Boss is a Sexist Pig, Help, I am being asked to train a young man to take my place: My Values Do Not Align with the Company, I do Not Know How to Delegate, Help, My Assistant Acts Like My Boss, and lots more. I lent it to my sister who found it very helpful also.