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  • I'm looking for an individual therapist that I can help me figure out some of the issues that I've struggled with at work with certain people, interactions, communications - especially during the pandemic, being able to not hold grudges, and learning to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them but also move on without letting these types of things get me down. I love my family and feel good about my home life and social life, but I don't always feel so confident with my work life skills. Any recommendations of a therapist that works with these types of issues? Thanks.

    Before spending on a therapist who may not be familiar with corporate life and office politics, try this book which was my Bible when i worked for law firms.

    Strategies for Women At Work by La Rouse, Jancie and Ryan, Regan with foreword by Lettie Pogrebin of Ms. Magazine (about $12 on Amazon)

    It is rather like a dictionary of issues and solutions: Some I found helpful: My Boss is a Sexist Pig, Help, I am being asked to train a young man to take my place: My Values Do Not Align with the Company, I do Not Know How to Delegate, Help, My Assistant Acts Like My Boss, and lots more. I lent it to my sister who found it very helpful also.

  • Counselor/Therapist for colleagues?

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    Hi BPN! My colleague and I are not getting along at all lately. We've both agreed to work with a counselor to help us be more productive.  The therapist will need to be VERY smart because my colleague is incredibly clever and I often feel manipulated by them. I need to find someone who will see through any shenanigans (mine included).

    Any recommendations?

    I would like to recommend Nancy Kahn, who is a non-violent communications expert. You can read more about her at or email her at nancy.r.kahn [at] We've used her for couples counseling and we've experienced tremendous progress. We felt "stuck" in traditional therapy.

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Therapist for mom overwhelmed by work/life balance

April 2007

Hi, I'm hoping to get recommendations for a therapist in or near Alameda for individual therapy. I'd like someone with experience in work/family balance issues, but really I mostly need someone who can help me through some mild depression and feelings of being overwhelmed all the time. I'd even be open to a career counselor with some therapy skills, since some of this is likely related to my career. I'd like someone who's a good listener, but who will be a little assertive in helping me delve into issues--I can be passive and unwilling to work on things, and this made a previous effort at therapy pretty useless. Thank you. anonymous

try edith dutch key or scott perna at california counseling on park street. both are great. anon

Try Kathryn Hirt, an MFT in North Oakland, not far from the Alameda tube. She's interactive, works with anxiety and depression in a caring way that is warm but will still gently push you towards shifts in how you think about things, taking action, etc. Very helpful, insightful and proactive too, and down-to-earth at the same time. 510-220-3558. Good luck to you. Paul

Charles Wickstrand MFCC I saw him for quite some time. He is very supportive but also directive, there is no blathering on and on without guidance. Charles offers sound commentary and advice and doesn't really allow you become so self absorbed that you make no progress. I have seen some therapists who just let you talk forever and don't intervene to get you going in a positive direction. i really enjoyed our sessions and if i ever go into therapy again (i'm sure i will) i will choose to see him. his number is 510.522.8922 Jo

I really like Karen Hollinger Jackson in Alameda. She is kind, helpful and wise and is helping me with anxiety and family issues. anon

I highly recommend my career coach, Louise Goeckel, who can be reached at 510-749-9624. Louise is a wonderful human being, a great listener, a compassionate yet straight forward support. she was able to help me sort out all my ideas and emotions about my life and career. She gave me the tools to mature, to grow and to feel good about my decisions. I can't say enough good about her. Celine


Therapist for depression about career

Aug 2005

I am writing on behalf of my husband who might not seek this type of information out for himself.

He has recently completed his MBA and has made a career change. He is unhappy in his new career, and is starting to feel lost and depressed.

He has had weak results with career counselors in the past and approached me tonight with the possibility that he might need to see a therapist.

The website had some recommendations for career counselors, but is there anyone out there who is a therapist specializing in issues surrounding career changes? Maybe there is someone who is a therapist/career counselor all combined into one?

Hopeful thinking from a concerned spouse

I would highly recommend Eric Grabow in Berkeley. Although he isn't a therapist that only deals with career issues, he does deal with men's issues, one being career stuff. He has an amazing gift for being a manly guy and incredibly sensitive. He has been in practice for over 20 years and I know many of his clients, and we all LOVE him. I think your husband will too. His number is 549-3797 Patty