Therapist needed for big changes

Love advice for a good therapist in Oakland or Berkeley in thinking about changes in jobs, kids moving on after college and relationship - kind of all the big topics.  Thanks for suggestions.  

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I can wholeheartedly recommend Karen Levine, MFT as a therapist who was extremely effective in helping me navigate a number of big transitions in my life.  She is warm and insightful, and I gained so much clarity through working with her.  She is really smart and has a relaxed, collaborative style which made me feel comfortable and connected immediately.  Her office is in Berkeley, (510) 761-5303.  You can check out her website at

I saw Lisa Lancaster (in Berkeley near College and Alcatraz) when I was dealing with a number of very difficult issues (marriage issues; unhappy at work; overwhelmed with kids).  I found her to be incredibly warm, thoughtful and effective.  I don't think I (or my family) would be in half as good of shape today without her.  I highly recommend that you give her a try for dealing with the "big topics"!