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I’m 55.  Female and married with two kids. I’ve lost my way these last three years.  I was asked to leave my job due to various issues. I don’t have close friends anymore.  Husband and extended family relationships are strained. I might be depressed. I lose interest in projects quickly.  I’m forgetful. Any criticism destroys me.   I want to find joy and meaning and fulfillment again.

Kaiser insurance.  Berkeley Oakland Richmond location preferred.

Thank you in advance..

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I see Barbara Hart in North Berkeley. I highly recommend her. Great listener and gives practical advice. I saw her through my pregnancy with my second child and am going back to her as I am now dealing with the sudden death of my mother and a third pregnancy. 

Unfortunately if you have Kaiser you have to see a provider through Kaiser and they have waitlists. I’d still start with them and see what they can offer - assuming you want it covered through insurance. Otherwise, see if your spouse says employer has an EAP program which may offer free counseling sessions. If so, they can also recommend in network therapists!

Some of the things you describe such as depression, forgetfulness, etc. can also be symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. So if you haven't discussed how you feel yet with your Obgyn, it might be good to do that and see ideas of how to manage it, e.g. HRT, in addition to a therapist. Your OB can then also refer you to the behavioral health department at Kaiser. From my experience, Kaiser does not offer mental health care unless things are really really bad. So you might have to look out of network. All the best!

I have no recommendations but I want you to know that I believe in you and your efforts will pay off.

The first thing you might want to do is to talk with your Kaiser PCP and asked to be screened for depression.  Your doctor can then talk with you about anti-depression medications and screen for any physical reasons for depression.  Simultaneously, you can also call Kaiser mental health services directly and make an intake appointment (you don't need a referral from your PCP).  The number for services at Kaiser Oakland is 510-752-1075.  I hope you call.  Sending love.

Kaiser also refers out to non-Kaiser therapists sometimes.  It's called Magellan, I think.  My therapist sometimes has a few clients come via Kaiser.  You will find yourself again,  I hope you get the support you need.

Call kaiser member services - the number is on the back of your card. Tell them that you want to see a therapist and they will set you up with a quick telephone screening, then you can get a list of therapists in your area that take kaiser insurance. (At leas this is how it worked for me.) You can call people on the list to see if they are taking new patients and see if it might be a good fit. :)

kaiser has a reputation for having bad mental health services - but they have been putting a lot of effort into fixing this. They are very conscious of this reputation so I think if you call member services they will be attentive to making sure you figure it all out.

Best of luck! Take care.