Therapist for family of baby with special needs

Hello, Can anyone recommend a therapist who works with families of special needs children?  Preferably i Berkeley, Albany, or El Cerrito, but willing to look further afield.

Many thanks.

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My family sees Sean Holcombe ( Sean is a great listener, he's action-oriented, and he comes to our home in Berkeley which is hugely helpful. 

You should ask your insurance provider to connect you with East Bay Regional center. They will provide your child with therapists for FREE and they come to your house to do the therapy until your child is 3, and then your school district will provide those services. It is California law. It can take awhile to get assessed and assigned, so the sooner the better. Good luck. 

There are parent support groups through Family Resource Network and play groups with facilitators through the Parent Infant Program at CHO. Family Resource Network may have referrals for you as well.