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  • Hello, Can anyone recommend a therapist who works with families of special needs children?  Preferably i Berkeley, Albany, or El Cerrito, but willing to look further afield.

    Many thanks.

    My family sees Sean Holcombe ( Sean is a great listener, he's action-oriented, and he comes to our home in Berkeley which is hugely helpful. 

    You should ask your insurance provider to connect you with East Bay Regional center. They will provide your child with therapists for FREE and they come to your house to do the therapy until your child is 3, and then your school district will provide those services. It is California law. It can take awhile to get assessed and assigned, so the sooner the better. Good luck. 

    There are parent support groups through Family Resource Network and play groups with facilitators through the Parent Infant Program at CHO. Family Resource Network may have referrals for you as well.

  • Hi BPN

    My daughter has special needs. As a mother, I need some counseling. I feel I do her injustice with my parenting. I need to be a better mom to her and let her be who she is rather than push her in the wrong way. It’s so hard for me to balance early intervention and letting her be who she is. I am looking for either a support group or a cousleler/special needs parent coach. 

    Does anyone have a recommendation in the east bay/Oakland/Berkeley ?

    thanks in advance 

    Perhaps DREDF (Disability Rights Education and Defense Fun) might have a recommendation.  I think our school district has an association of special needs parents, they might know.

    Start with the free online resource, 

    Also, be sure to go to "EdRev" in SF usually in April or May which was sponsored by Parents Education Network which was absorbed by CHC on the Peninsula. 

    Try the free DREDF (Berkeley) information session for parents. 

    And, check with Ann Martin Center in Emeryville for their resources as well as community presentations/workshops/seminars.  For instance, on Oct. 11 they will have a seminar on:  

    Baffling Behavior Solutions
    (for Parents)

    Speaker: Letha Marchetti, OTR/L, C/NDT, SEP

    Date: Thursday, October 11, 2018
    Time: 6:30- 8:00pm
    Location: Ann Martin Center
    Target Audience: Parents of All Ages Hope that helps, been through this myself.  Privately, you can research "educational therapists"  in the area as well as getting a neuropsych assessment or visit a behavioral pediatrician.Best of luck,-Belinda, single mom with a dyslexic, ADHD son in college studying visual arts