Therapist for 8 year old


I am hoping someone can recommend a good therapist, ideally play therapist, for an 8 year old girl. I am looking for someone who is good at helping work through anxiety and sensory issues. Not looking for a OT, just looking for a child therapist/psychologist. Not through Kaiser, just private practice. 


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Dr. Fortunee Kyra-Stuart is an excellent psychologist who used play therapy and was incredibly helpful when my 5-1/2YO daughter began suffering from separation anxiety. After 18 months of weekly sessions my daughter gained the confidence to overcome her anxiety and Dr. Stuart brilliantly ended therapy for her. Dr. Stuart also treats adults and I worked with her for years, she is excellent! She's in Berkeley on 9th street near Dwight. 

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We found someone great here on BPN, but she's ZOOM-only and has recently relocated to Sacramento. Her name is Lyndsey Rocca and she does talk and art therapy - and has a sliding scale. 831.246.6144 roccacreativementoring [at]

Lyndsey plans to start doing in-person again soon, but we live in Oakland, so... It will remain on Zoom, which is a bummer. But my 13-yr-old daughter likes her a lot and seems to be getting a lot out of it - despite it being on Zoom. (Ironic, since it's pandemic/zoom-life that drove her to need/want therapy in the first place! And here she in Zoom-life, yet again. Ugh. Life can be weird like that, right?)

Good luck!