Tennis in Pandemic Times

I am worried about my son getting enough exercise, and I think that private tennis lessons might be a safe, socially distanced option. I have reached out to The Claremont, they are not doing private lessons. The Berkeley Tennis Club seems to be another dead end. I've reached out to Oakland Hills, haven't heard back. Maybe someone has some ideas for me?

Many thanks

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Alexander Winslow is an excellent tennis coach. My kids have enjoyed their classes with him for years. We are especially grateful for these classes during the pandemic!

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Check out Aztec tennis at the King courts. Carleton and his team are doing private lessons and socially-distanced camps with pods of 12 kids at a time.  Our sons attended and we felt very comfortable with the compliance with safety guidelines, including wearing of masks by kids and counselors. Options are for 3-hour "1/2 days" or 9 AM-3 PM full days.

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My son has taken private lessons through Oakland's Davie Tennis Stadium. I don't know if they're open, but it's worth a call. If they're closed, they might be able to recommend a coach. Their number is (510) 444-5663. My teenager is also using the backboard at the Piedmont courts near LaSalle Avenue. Good luck!

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Latest research from trusted sources show outside sports like tennis (where there is physical distancing) your chances of getting covid-19 are very low.  Highly unlikely you would get if from a tennis ball either.  There's a web site which lists tennis pros,  This is a matching web site.  There are others.  Use a public court and make sure they two keep their distance and it should be fine. 


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Cornell Wilder is the BEST. 510-551-3203

He has an additional specialty of helping left-handed players turn this attribute into a strength!