Summer School in Berkeley High

Hi there. I’m new to the Berkeley and CA school systems. I was wondering if there is a process for grade forgiveness at Berkeley High. Back in FL, where I’m from, there used to be summer school where you could retake a class for six weeks and override your grade. We had night classes as well for older students. Is the same thing available here? Thanks!

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I don’t think that’s a thing around here. Summer school has limited capacity and is for making up credits you need to graduate. You retake required classes that you failed, but I don’t think you can retake classes you passed but wish you gotten a better grade in. 


When my kid failed English at Berkeley High last year there were two options: summer school or cyber high, which is a company the high school contracts with that offers online classes. Seniors get priority for summer school and there was no more space so she opted for cyber high instead. The kids have to log in at a certain time each day and if they are late or miss too many classes they get dropped. The class itself was easy and she was able to pass the quizzes while doing (in my opinion) practically no work. The F is still on her record though, the class doesn’t replace it. If you email the counselor they can tell you the options.