Strength training for 8 and 9 year olds?

My son recently started playing flag football at school, and the coach wants them to do 100 pushups, squats, and calf raises daily. This seems ridiculous and excessive to me, if not downright wrong. The head of the aftercare program agreed with me--then he quit. I told my son that he can do 10 of each a day, and I'd sign off on it. But I can't imagine this is good for the other children. I'm going to email our pediatrician, but I wanted to hear what BPN parents have to say.

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My first thought is that doing all of those exercises daily would be too much effort and could cause some burnout unless your son is really motivated. Maybe every other day or 4-5 times a week is more manageable. I also wouldn't really consider body-weight exercises like that as strength training per se. Doing 100 squats and calf raises doesn't seem difficult and should be easily done in 5-10 minutes. The 100 pushups does seem a lot though. That's pretty strenuous for a kid. I would probably knock that down to 25 or 50.