Snoring surgery

I snore very loudly. I've done a sleep test and it ruled out apnea. I've tried various remedies (nasal strips, nose silicone vents, Theravent bandages) that didn't work and were intolerable. I'm considering snoring surgery because I'd really like to share a bed again with my partner. Have you any positive or negative experiences with snoring surgery to share? 

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I'd love to hear people's thoughts too. I'm sort of in the same boat. 


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Someone in my family had this surgery (implants in roof of mouth). It helped, as did losing weight. Also sleeping on their side.

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When I was having my apnea diagnosed, I was told the surgery often was not a permanent fix, but that was about 10 years ago.  I use a mouth piece that keeps my tongue forward and that has preserved the marital bedding arrangement. (I noted that your test ruled out apnea) Not being over-tired and not drinking wine close to bedtime and dealing with nasal stuffiness also helps me.