Skin Tag Removal

The reviews are very old. Can anyone recommend a derm or other to remove skin tags. Looking for quality, affordable and relatively painless removal. 

Thank you!

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Here is what worked for me:

Our PCP at Sutter told me that skin tags are a result of blood sugar dysregulation.  Which I did not know I had, as I was close to normal. She put me on a modified ketogenic diet: lots of green vegetables, no grains at all and no potatoes, No processed food, just a few berries for fruit, and 6 ounces of animal protein twice a day. Everything organic/free range. I know we all eat differently and this might not work for you – you may be vegetarian, you may love your rice, etc. I get it. However! I probably had 50 skin tags and they all were gone within 90 days. I have not had one since!

I used to get them cut off by my dermatologist but no more. Best of luck.