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    The reviews are very old. Can anyone recommend a derm or other to remove skin tags. Looking for quality, affordable and relatively painless removal. 

    Thank you!

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    Here is what worked for me:

    Our PCP at Sutter told me that skin tags are a result of blood sugar dysregulation.  Which I did not know I had, as I was close to normal. She put me on a modified ketogenic diet: lots of green vegetables, no grains at all and no potatoes, No processed food, just a few berries for fruit, and 6 ounces of animal protein twice a day. Everything organic/free range. I know we all eat differently and this might not work for you – you may be vegetarian, you may love your rice, etc. I get it. However! I probably had 50 skin tags and they all were gone within 90 days. I have not had one since!

    I used to get them cut off by my dermatologist but no more. Best of luck. 

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Having skin tags removed at Kaiser

Nov 2010

I'd like to get some skin tags and (completely fine, just unattractive) moles removed soon. Anyone used the group at Kaiser Oakland (or another Kaiser), and given that they are not covered by Kaiser insurance, is it any cheaper than other options for this? thanks! So Over Skin Tags

If your skin tags are in a location that is causing you discomfort or irritation, removal of them is not considered cosmetic. I am a Kaiser member and I have found the dermatologist docs to be very understanding about skin tags that were near or around the bra or belt line or in the armpit - shaving concern. Wide latitude in between. Talk to your doctor. Long time Kaiser member

Affordable skin tag removal

Feb 2009

I have several skin tags (the flat kind) that I would like to have removed. Some dermatologists charge $75 each, to freeze them (cryotherapy). It takes about 15 seconds to do that. And since I have several, the cost would be prohibitive. Maybe, out there, there is a decent dermatologist that would treat them for a reasonable price. Do I even need a dermatologist? Your help would be really appreciated! Anon.

I don't know if this will work for you, since you said your skin tag was the ''flat kind.'' However, I had multiple skin tags, and like you, balked at the high price all the doctors seemed to want to charge for 15 seconds of work. My midwife ended up telling me the following technique which I was able to perform myself: tie a piece of thread tightly around the base of the skin tag. It cuts off blood circulation to the tag, and it will fall off, leaving no scar or mark, in a couple of days. It takes a bit of a steady hand to get the thread around the tiny tag, and if you have some in awkward locations you may need to get a friend to help you. I had a couple on my face and the thread looked a bit ugly, but I just put a bandaid on for a couple of days and got through it. Cost: $0! :) Do-it-yourselfer

I had a whole bunch removed from my face and neck with a procedure to burn them off, not freeze them. I'm guessing I had 100+ skin tags. I must have been there for 45+ minutes with her actually working on my face/neck. She did it in two passes (worked on half of it, then gave me a break, then came back to work on me some more). I don't remember what the cost was supposed to be for each tag, but she bundled the price up and charged me $300 for the whole thing. This was in April 2008, last year. It was through Kaiser Permanente, but I don't think you have to be a member to get this done. This is actually separate and is offered to non-members. I paid the whole thing out of pocket. The number is 925-847-5090 and I used Dr. Lobo. First I had a consultation (which for me, was covered under my health plan), then I scheduled the procedure for another day ($300 --that was the part that was not covered by my health plan) When I told my hair dresser about it, she told me from her experience that price seemed about right. Anon

You can remove them yourself. Do a google search with the following string: removing skin tags more:medical_authorities This lists all the medical websites that provide info on removing skin tags. I just cut them off with sharp scissors myself. de-tagged

Personally, I take them off myself if they are accessible. That's what the dermatologist does: snip snip, and you're out $60. Do it w/ sanitary scissors and alcohol wipe downs, an maybe some neosporin. and not when you need to look pretty. (I've also just pulled them off....)

Small skin growths around eyes from pregnancy

June 2007

When I was pregnant, these small ''skin tags'' or little growths appears right under my eyes, and even a few on my eye lids. I want to get them removed but need to go to the right doctor because they are so close to my actual eyes. Has anyone had this happen to them and have a dermatologist they can recommend? Thanks SO much for any advise. ''Eye sore'' -ha ha

Ah yes, stuff around the eyes. Well, if you are right, and what you have are ''skin tags'' or papilloma--dermatology might not be the way to go. Many dermatologists feel that things close to the lid margin are in the realm of ophthalmology. If you reallly want to be overkill you could go specifically for an oculoplastics ophthalmologist. But, any ophthalmologist should do unless your case is tricky. If you want an oculoplastics opinion, I'd highly recommend Rona Silkiss. eye doc

you'll want to see an ophthalmologist if these skin tags are really that close to the eyes. i recommend chris debacker, MD, who also does cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in addition to being a board-certified ophthalmologist. his number is (510) 886-3937. he's in hayward. suzie

Skintags: how to remove?

Oct 2006

Hi- When I was pregnant with my now 3 year old, I developed what I think they call a skin tag, right at where my underwear rests, near the bikini line. I was told it would go away postpartum, but no such luck. In fact, it has doubled in size -- about the size of a dime. My questions: Has anyone had these removed? If you have, did you need a plastic surgeon or just your regular doc? Was there a scar? Will it come back? Thanks! Tired of playing tag

First, go to your doctor and make sure this is just a skin tag. If so, here's how to remove it. I've done this myself at exactly the same zone: Tie a piece of dental floss around it at the very base. Tie it as tightly as you can -- yes it will hurt, but anything less will not remove the tag. Within a week or so, the whole thing drops off -- no scars. Tag-free

I've had numerous skin tags removed by my dermatologist. She numbs me up with lidocaine, and cuts them off. It's not rocket science, a regular MD or nurse practitioner should be able to do it, especially if you only have one. I see a dermatologist because I often have 20 or more to remove every couple of years. I don't think I have any scars, I really haven't noticed. skin tag mama

Re: Skin Tags I went to a dermatologist to get my skin tags removed. It is a really easy procedure. Anon

Yes - get it removed! I developed a giant skin tag in a ''chafe-y'' area and picked a dermatologist, Dr Tuffanelli, at random from my provider list. After keeping me waiting for nearly an hour, she literally ran into the exam room, glanced at it, and said ''oh, that will go away on its own. They are caused by twisting of the skin, and eventually it will twist off.'' I spent the past YEAR trying to gently twist the thing off, while it got bigger, uglier and more sore. I finally went to see Dr Kathy Fang a few weeks ago and she told me it would NOT go away on its own. Then she proceeded to remove it with a laser. It took ten seconds. -small scar, but smooth

I had one near the intersection of my arm/shoulder - the doctor said he could remove it (not covered by my ins.) or I could have someone (my husband) snip it off with a pair of cuticle scissors. I opted for the that! The scissors were new, sharp, disinfected. My husband was a bit squeamish but went ahead and it was over in one second. It was as painful as a pinch. I have no scar and it didn't come back. I have also heard that you can tie a hair tightly at the base of the skin tag to starve it of blood and it will die and fall off. I think that pain would last longer, a never ending pinch so to speak. Not a big deal!

I had a skintag removed about 13 years ago (when I was in highschool). It was in the same place as yours... and I went to a dermotologist and they just snipped it off. I barely even hurt... and it never came back. It took about a second to cut it off. SM

I had a skin tag in my arm pit that developed while I was pregnant. I had my plastic surgeon Dr Elizabeth Lee remove it. It was very simply snipped off and hasn't grown back. She said that when one is pregnant the body can go into ''grow'' mode and doesn't know when to stop. Anyway, I had her do it because I tend to scar very easily and wanted her special expertise but you could probably go to a regular doctor as well. She offered me a local but the stick of the needle would probably have hurt as much and lasted as long as just snipping the thing off so I didn't have any pain medicine. And a note to someone who posted on another topic, yes, I have seen Dr Lee - she really does exist and is a wonderful doctor. plastic patient

As I type, I have four bandaids on my back where moles used to be. I went to the dermatologist. They can simply inject alittle lidocane and cut it off. It heals like any other surface-type abrasion would. Two of them were also on the same level as my waistband, and got irritated alot. The doctor will routinely send the tissue off for a biopsy, and insurance will cover it. Have the doctor do a ''mole check'' while you're there for good measure. No biggie! Not as bumpy

I too had a couple of yucky skin tags that developed during pregnancy. I went to my dermatologist this year and he simply snipped them off in a second. Simple, easy and hardly any pain. Ex-skin tagger

Hi, I had similar problems on my neck after having first kid. I discussed it with my dermatologist and he removed them in the office with minimal pain and quick recovery. Removal technique may depend on the size of your skin tags and locations. I highly recommended Dr. William Ting, a board certified dermatologist. He has two practices in the East Bay: Hercules and San Ramon. You can find his information on the website: His office number is (925) 743-1488 (San Ramon), and (510) 741- 7418 (Hercules). Good luck flora

call michelle conte at simple radiance...415.924.1330. she's in marin, but it's worth the drive. i can't remember what her actual credentials are, but she's less expensive than seeing a doctor who will laser them off just as she does. i had lots of skin tags after my second pregnancy, and saw her 2 months post baby when she 'zapped' them all. she obviously can't do spots around sensitive areas like the eye, but she'll find some you never knew you had! freckles and small moles too. i've recommended her to several people who have all been thrilled w/ the results. it burns for a second when she zaps, and you'll have little black spots/scabs for a few days, but it's really worth it. tag free