Skin and hair consult for teenager with acne?

We're looking for someone, an esthetician maybe, who can consult with our teenage girl - despite a clean diet, good exercise and a pretty good skin care regimen (washing 2x day and applying acne lotion), she has bad hormonal breakouts in her t-zone, and her hair, despite expensive haircuts/detanglers/etc is super frizzy all the time.

She currently uses good products (dermologica, and EWG certified products) and we prefer someone who would also follow that practice of more natural solutions. Someone has also suggested a multi-vitamin to help teen and hair. 

TIA if you know of anyone who could consult and suggest products to help!

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It sounds like your daughter is setting herself up on a path for a lifetime of healthy skin and hair.

I do not have an esthetician to recommend - my daughter tried one in Palo Alto years ago and hated the experience so much did not want to return.  The location and practitioner were very good, but my daughter found the experience painful (which extractions are) and did not like being red and puffy for a bit afterward (which is to be expected when treating acne).  She was also uncomfortable in general having someone touching her face for so long (even though she asked for the facial).

However, the experience did encourage her to try a little harder herself to find products that work for her and rigorously maintain the routine. At 16, she has beautiful, healthy skin and hair.  She found good results using ZapZyts products which are well rated on EWG, but can be hard to find (try online).  For hair, she follows the Curly Girl method and recommended products. If your daughter's hair gets super frizzy, this method will likely work, regardless of whether she has waves, tight curls, or anything in between.  

With both, less is more which is great for busy teens.  Good luck.

Rise (pronounced Risa) Gross is amazing, especially with acne. She was explaining why all the over the counter stuff doesn't work. I don't remember why, I just know the results were great. I don't know if she helps with hair though. She owns Trio Skin Care in Concord. 925-609-8746