Servicing an older wall oven

Long-shot question here. We have an older (1970s?) Magic Chef wall oven that needs servicing. Reliance Appliance can't do it, and I have been having trouble getting in touch with Henry Rutgers, whom others have recommended. We need help! Can anyone recommend someone who would at least be able to, like, take a look to figure out what is wrong with the oven, clean lines and burners so stuff lights properly, etc.? (We are trying to avoid replacing entirely, as we rent, and the landlord's approach would be to tear up a bunch of cabinetry and wall to replace the stove, which is a whole other can of worms.) Thank you!!

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I can't speak highly enough of Tony from HAR appliance repair. He has been servicing our appliances for decades. He is less expensive then the previous guy we used and extremely knowledgeable as well as a really nice guy!



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I can recommend Gabe Godfrey of Bay Stoves, 510-545-2513.  He specializes in old stoves, is knowledgeable, and knows what can and can't be fixed.  I've used him to repair a Western Holly stove and an old Magic Chef stove (not a wall oven) and have been satisfied with the results.  Good luck.