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  • Washer/Dryer Repair

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    We’re in need for a washer/dryer repair. It’s been a while since someone asked for a recommendation here so if you’ve used someone great recently please share their info!


    Tony Hariri at Hi-Tech Applicance Repair
    harapplicance [at] gmail.com

    Hands down the best around.  We've used him for washer, dryer, garbage disposal & dishwasher.  Nice guy.  Very professional. 

    I recommend this guy. He was efficient and honest, and saved me a lot of money by recommending I buy a part before I actually needed it. 


    I use Robert Antone for all my washer, dryer, and dishwasher repair.


    Antone's Appliance Online Store

    Keith’s appliances didn’t fix our washer but was up front about why it wasn’t worth it. Easy scheduling. 

    I had a great recent experience with “Joe the appliance guy” fixing an old fridge. He was recommended to me by a friend who was very happy with him as well. He’s low key and local.

    +1 (510) 650-6615

    I have used Keith, owner of RX Appliance Repair,  for many years to fix all the large appliances in my rental properties. He knows what he is doing, reliable, has reasonable charges and will bill you only for what is needed for the repair. 510-689-7188.

    We just used Todd Anderson of Bay Area Appliance Repair. He was great.  Honest guy.  Montclair based.  And he really went above and beyond without any prompting. 


    ‭(510) 301-0223‬

    I've used Victor at V-tech (607-592-8779). He's fixed both a dishwasher and a washing machine for me. He's great.

    Another enthusiastic recommendation for Tony Hariri!  He is prompt, honest, clear, excellent work.


    He fixed my Dryer Dec 2021, and fixed my washer Dec 2022.


    Another recommendation for Tony at HAR. March 2023 fixed a washer issue for us.

  • Dishwasher repair

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    Hi, Can anyone recommend a reliable and reasonably priced dishwasher-repair service? Thank you!

    I'm not sure about reasonably priced but we have used Appliance Fixed (Jean G. ) (925) 238-6392 for over 10 years for anything appliance repair related. He's reliable and has fixed issues when needed. 

    We've used Tony Hariri of H.A.R. Hi-Tech Appliance Repair a number of times:  dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer & dryer.  Very responsive, very nice, very good.  Don't know his current rates.  (925) 348-3480 or harappliance [at] gmail.com

    I just had my Miele dishwasher of 10 years rehoused (it had come loose from the cabinet) by Top Tier Appliance Repair in Oakland. They were very responsive, went the extra yard so it "would never come lose again", and courteous. You can check out their Yelp reviews. I liked how Sal had an apprentice with him he was training.

    We have used Keith of Rx Appliance Repair for all our appliance repair needs and he has always done a fine job at a reasonable price. His direct number is:510-689-7188.

    I am happy to recommend Steve of Hi-5 Appliance Repair (925) 434-5775. Steve has repaired two generations of my dishwashers, refrigerators, and dryers, and in my direct and personal experience as a client I've found him to be smart, capable, friendly, and very honest. Couldn't ask for better.

  • Servicing an older wall oven

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    Long-shot question here. We have an older (1970s?) Magic Chef wall oven that needs servicing. Reliance Appliance can't do it, and I have been having trouble getting in touch with Henry Rutgers, whom others have recommended. We need help! Can anyone recommend someone who would at least be able to, like, take a look to figure out what is wrong with the oven, clean lines and burners so stuff lights properly, etc.? (We are trying to avoid replacing entirely, as we rent, and the landlord's approach would be to tear up a bunch of cabinetry and wall to replace the stove, which is a whole other can of worms.) Thank you!!

    I can't speak highly enough of Tony from HAR appliance repair. He has been servicing our appliances for decades. He is less expensive then the previous guy we used and extremely knowledgeable as well as a really nice guy!



    I can recommend Gabe Godfrey of Bay Stoves, 510-545-2513.  He specializes in old stoves, is knowledgeable, and knows what can and can't be fixed.  I've used him to repair a Western Holly stove and an old Magic Chef stove (not a wall oven) and have been satisfied with the results.  Good luck.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Repair for Wolf oven and range

Jan 2013

We recently bought a house with an old Wolf oven and range, installed around 1989. The present owners of the Wolf brand, Sub-Zero, won't service it, since it predates their ownership of Wolf. Can anyone suggest an appliance person who still services old Wolf ranges? We've tried National Food Equipment Corp in San Jose but they are very unresponsive. MB

We have used Bay Valley Appliance Repair for our newer wolf range. The technician is knowledgeable, and it is less expensive than the factory authorized repair company. (510) 846-8832 Stsekler

Someone to repair fan on stove

April 2012

We have an old Thermador range that works very well except that the fan has broken. Thermador won't provide replacement parts for any models older than 10 years. I guess that's their way of making people buy new ones but we want to keep this one and not put it in the landfill. Does anyone have a recommendation for a handyperson who is good at improvising with things like this? Elanne

I recently used ASA to repair my refrigerator I was really pleased with their service. The owner, Todd communicated well, showed up on time and the price was reasonable. He explained what was wrong and was able to fix the issue. He also cleaned up after he was done. He has an attention to detail that I really appreciate since I have a 4 year old and I like it when workers in our house completely clean up after themselves. He's also licensed which is important to me. Todd Anderson- Anderson Service & Appliance. 510-301-0223 Rich

Need appliance service and installation person

Jan 2011

I live in Berkeley and am looking a reasonably priced, reliable person to service and install appliances in my home. Janet

I highly recommend HAR -- Hi-Tech Appliance Repair for this. My washing machine stopped draining one night right before the Xmas holidays. In a panic I called Hi Tech Appliance (Tony Hariri) that evening and not only did Tony answer the phone but he was able to come out the next day. He called me when he was 30 minutes away so that I was able to go into work and then meet up with him at my house and didn't need to sit around waiting - awesome! Also he took a look, had the part in his truck and was able to fix it on the spot. Tony is so nice, courteous and respectful, even played with my cat :-). He has fixed a few of my long-running appliances and saved me a bundle on replacements I am sure. He even called a few days later to make sure everything was running OK. Tony is great and I would never hesitate to call him for a repair or advice, or to have him in my home. He is a pleasure to do business with and I can't recommend him more highly for any home appliance repair. Hi-Tech Appliance repair - use the cell# (925) 348-3480. Judy

Repair for LG all in one washer dryer

Nov 2010

We have a small all in one washer and dryer combo from LG. After 3 years the dryer is not working well. Does anyone know a good appliance repair person/service that works on LG machines?

I can not recommend enough the services of Robert Antone from Antone appliances. Full disclosure-I have no investment in recommending Robert, I just think that when you find a truly great service professional, it's important to spread the word and Robert's knowledge, skill and quiet, sensible demeanor make him worth recommending. He also can sell you new appliances at discounts you can't find at the ''bigbox'' stores. He is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Washers and Dryers. To contact Robert, 510-533-4443. Antone's Appliance is based in Oakland. Lis

Appliance Repair -- Fischer Paykel

Feb 2010

I am looking for a recommendation for a solid appliance repair person or company that services Fisher Paykel dishwashers. I have called several places, and cannot find one that services Fisher-Paykel. We used another service that we loved for other appliances, but they would not touch the the F-P dishdrawer. In the past, we used some huge company, and that was kind of a nightmare (missed appts, etc.). Does any have a recommendation for a good local person? Thanks much. kim

not sure if you tried tony at HAR (hi-tech appliance repair) but i would highly recommend him. 237-9267 or (925) 348-3480. i've only used him twice, but he's very competent and nice to boot.

I do not know if these gentlemen work on F & P, but they are quick, honest and simply amazing. Hi-Tech Appliances (510) 237-9267 Tony or his brother will help you. Good Luck

Oven repair recommendation needed

Dec 2009

We are currently staying at my mom's house which has a very old Montgomery Ward continuous cleaning oven from way back when, maybe 1970s. The oven decided to stop working at some point before we moved in here (the house was vacant for a long time) late in 2008. The stove top works fine. Does anyone know of an oven repair company or person that is reliable and affordable in the Richmond/El Cerrito/El Sobrante area or nearby? We may just have to get a new stove/oven but we'd rather not. We are trying to save money (part of why we are living here now) due to one of us getting laid off and the other one of us going back to school and taking care of our young child. Miss oven

Mike's Appliance in El Sobrante is GREAT -- especially if you can get Mike himself to do it. I like supporting small businesses, too. His prices are NOT more than Sears, and he's much better. I've used him several times, and he'll match the prices of any of the large stores. Here's his number: (510) 223-8689 Marilyn

Maytag Neptune Washer Repair

June 2009

Who do you recommend for repairing a Maytag Neptune? Sarah

''Maytag Settles Neptune Washer Lawsuit'' - see: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2005/maytag_lawsuit.html (bummer!)

For my own appliance repair, I (VERY happily) always use 'Hi-Tech Appliance' (owned by Majeed and Tony Hariri) (510) 237-9267 (Read all the happy ''they saved the day'' stories in BPN's Kitchen Appliance Repair archives) ---'help' is spelled: Hariri...!

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Appliance Repair person needed

Dec 2007

Can anyone recommend an appliance repair person that you've personally used? We have an old dishwasher that just broke down (water doesn't enter properly). I really don't want to replace it because it holds a remarkable amount of dishes; better than newer models. We live in Oakland, near Montclair. Thanks. Monica

We use Kim's Appliances 510-436-5382. Fast, competent, honest. We've had problems with dishwasher, washer and dryer, refrigerator. Mr. Kim has shown up quickly, repaired the appliance on the spot, and charged very reasonable fees. We live in North Oakland also. Happy customer

If it's a refrigerator that needs repair, you can't do any better than Gary at General Refrigeration Service (510-652-1302). Everything was melting in my freezer last week, Gary came out the same day, immediately found the problem, had the part on his truck (he keeps many parts on his truck, so this happens much of the time he said) and everything was done the same day. Great! Karen

Someone to repair old Kenmore washing machine

October 2007

We have an old Kenmore washing machine that has recently stopped performing the last automatic spin cycle. We have to go back and turn the dial specifically to the final spin cycle, in order to get it to work. The washer was here when we purchased the house over 12 years ago, so I don't know where it is from. Where can we find someone to come out and repair this problem for us? Thanks!

Call Sears. They have an applicance repair service, and I think Kenmore is a Sears brand. We have an older Kenmore that is no longer under warranty. The washer stopped spinning, so we called Sears. It was a pretty easy fix and inexpensive.

Just wanted to offer an unsolicited post highly recommending Hi-Tech Appliance Repair. Our front-loader washing machine got sick over the weekend (of course!) and we ended up with a giant mess of sopping wet clothes and water all over our floor. I called Hi-Tech Appliance (owned by Majeed and Tony Hariri) on Sunday afternoon based on recommendations I found on BPN and Yelp. Tony called me back just a couple of hours later -- yes, on a Sunday!! -- and made an appointment to see me the next day during a hole in my schedule.

He showed up right on time, was courteous and respectful, didn't insult my intelligence (unlike many repair guys who think women just don't ''get'' manly things like tools and wires), and quickly diagnosed and solved the problem.

In addition, he offered some advice on how to keep things running smoothly, showed me how to troubleshoot the problem (socks stuck in the pump!) in the future and even noticed that the dryer vent wasn't completely connected and fixed that too.

All that, and he only charged me the cost of the service call ($95) -- no additional fee for labor. And he asked me to call him after I ran my next load of laundry to verify that everything was back to normal.

I've interacted with dozens of repair and construction folks in the past two years and have to say that Tony is at the top of the heap, both in terms of professionalism and in being a genuine pleasure to do business with. His company covers washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashes, etc. -- and if it's something they can't fix, he says, he'll refer you to someone who can. I highly recommend calling Hi-Tech the next time one of your appliances gets sick! (925) 348-3480. CC

Feb 2007

Another great review for Hi-Tech Appliance Repair. Dryer repaired fast, with care, cleaned up afterward; decent price, good advice, and comfortable courtesy. But mostly, you know how you can get a good feeling during a service experience that makes you feel that you got it right with a good person? 100% on this repair visit. David

Sept 2006

It was the worst - Saturday evening home with 3 kids, when dh is gone for the weekend, and then I notice - the popsicles in the freezer are no longer frozen. And the ice is starting to melt.

Luckily, I randomly called General Refrigeration Service (652- 1302), and Gary Cain came to my house less than an hour after I called, and at 7:00 *on a Saturday night*. He replaced the compressor in less than 1/2 hour.

Thank goodness! No lost food, no water all over the floor, no trying to pack everything into ice chests while waiting to get someone to come. And no exhorbitant fee for coming during off hours. I can't recommend him more highly!! Trish

August 2006

I just wanted to warn anyone out there considering buying an appliance from Sears. I've spent numerous hours scheduling appointments and waiting around for service technicians to fix a problem with our brand new refrigerator that has been there since the day we plugged it in. Conveniently for them, our warranty has expired during the course of the 6 service calls, and now, rather than replacing a defective product, they're going to charge me to try to fix it. I'll never buy a never appliance from them again! A very unhappy customer

August 2005

I just had a great experience with Hi-Tech Appliance Repair (HAR) and they are just as wonderful as everyone says. My 5-year-old Kenmore washer stopped working on Sunday night at the worst possible time - we were coming back from a week of camping with piles of dirty laundry, and every sheet and towel in the house needed washing. So I checked the BPN website, and called HAR the next morning. One of the owners was here by lunch time fixing my washer. HAR is owned by two brothers, Majeed and Tony Hariri, and they are based in Pleasant Hill but they cover the East bay area. Tony diagnosed the problem immediately (the washer's pump had filled up with coins and other debris), took apart the pump and cleaned it, and had the washer working within half an hour. He only charged me for the service call ($95) and not for any labor. Not only that, but he patiently explained everything he was doing, showed me where the problem was, gave me some maintenance tips to prevent other problems that happen in the kind of washer I have, and diagnosed a different problem I'd been having (leaking due to oversudsing). Plus, he gave me advice about my stove too!
I am so happy to know about HAR now. I will never call anyone else. The last time my washer broke, I called Sears and had a frustrating, expensive experience (told them when I called that the motor had burned out, but the repair guy apparently never got that information, and he showed up a few days later with no motor. So he had to put in an order for the motor, and we had to wait some more days, and it ended up costing about half what a new washer would have cost. I'm calling HAR from now on! 237-9267

May 2005

Does anyone have any current recommendations for someone to repair a 5 year old washing machine in the San Leandro Area? I'd checked the postings but wasn't sure how old they were, looked like 2002. Thanks. Rachel

I would like to recommend Hi-Tech Appliance Repair: (510) 237-9267. My washer went out and I called them on a Sunday. The owner answered the phone and diagnosed the problem whereby I then fixed the problem myself. This was amazing and the guy was so helpful and polite. I owe him a favor and hopefully this note is some payback. Andy

March 2004

Ok...I used BPN to research a repairman to call to fix my washer. I will say this and stand behind it whole- heartedly...

Hi-Tech Appliance Repair are WONDERFUL!!!!! They are honest, they are good and they are fast. I also want you to know that you would gladly pay 2x what they charge becuse you can rest assured that they will only charge you for work done that you need and if you don't need it, they won't do it to pad the bill.

Thanks Berkeley Parents Network, if I hadn't found them through you, I would have probably just called Sears (I own a Kenmore-NEVER AGAIN!!!) and *Lord Knows* what *they* would have charged me! BTW- p# for Tony and Majeed 510 237-9267 Sandra

2003 & Earlier

I used Mike's Appliance in El Sobrante 510-223-8689 for a washer repair in January. They charged $49.95 plus parts. I checked the price of a couple of parts and Mike's charges about a 10% premium over the do-it-yourself parts from the manufacturer. Seems reasonable. If they have to come out to diagnose the problem on your appliance and then return a few days later with a part you do not pay for the additional visit. The technician who came out was wonderful--nice, helpful and efficient. He put my washer back together so that I could keep using it while we waited for the part. I would certainly use them again. Sojeila

I can highly recommend Hi-Tech Appliance Repair: (510) 237-9267. After a truly nightmarish experience with Sears Appliance Repair, they fixed our 10+ year old Maytag washer and Kenmore dryer (of similar vintage) quickly, efficiently and for a reasonable cost. They gave a two-hour appointment window and kept to it (unlike other repair services that give you a window from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), they had the replacement parts on the truck for both appliances (Sears had to special order parts for its own machine, and then they never came back to install them) and they were very professional. I truly have been waiting for an opportunity to recommend them. Jennifer

High Tech Appliance Repair (mentioned by Meg Freifeld) fixed our dryer just this morning, oddly enough. They did a good job, and just as mentioned, two workers were here so it went quite quickly. They are in El Sobrante but they do business in Berkeley, Oakland, etc. Call 510-237-9267 to reach them. Brenda

D Appliance - You may already be dealing with them. Don (the owner?) does indeed do some diagnosis over the phone, but he is good. John

I've used Louie's Appliance several times and have been quite happy with Louie's work. He comes to your house and fixes it right there, and he can usually get there within a day or two, and will generally come sooner if you're desperate to get something fixed (like a fridge)

Meg I've had good experiences with HiTech appliance repair. They have always arrived on time, sent two workers, so one of them always knows what to do, and been friendly and happy to explain what the problem is. Don't know their number--they might be based in San Leandro, if memory serves.

I recommend Don at D Appliance Repair. He really knows his stuff and often diagnoses the problems on the phone and walks you through the easier repairs. If you're handy, this is a great deal. If not, his prices are reasonable and because he knows what he's doing, they are quick. D Appliance Repair

From: kbliman

I recommend Galvin Appliances (in Albany on San Pablo Ave.) for kitchen appliance repair. They have come by several times over the years to fix our aging oven and dishwasher. They show up when they say and I think they are very qualified and honest but I don't know how their prices compare to others.

From: salsacl

I would like to recommend Kim's Appliances Repair. He was recommended to me and we used him for dishwasher repair and he came exactly on the dot when he said he would. He is the owner of the company and he comes out himself. I've seen other recommendations for his company. Kim's Appliances, 436-5382

From: Lori

A-1 Appliance Repair in El Cerrito has repaired our washer, dryer, stove, oven, and dishwasher at one time or other. Don (he works by himself) always does a great job. I don't have his phone number with me, but he's in The Book.

From: Barbara

Galvin Appliance, Albany 527-2244

Painting Kitchen Appliances

Feb 2009

Does anyone have experience changing the appearance of a refrigerator? I have a two-year-old, energy-efficient, huge, black refrigerator. We're updating our kitchen and I'd like a lighter-color retro look. Is it possible to paint a fridge without it looking like a mess? How? Or could panels be added even if the refrigerator wasn't designed for them? Are there other options so it won't dominate a kitchen with a lighter colored palette? Design Challenged

We had a new refrigerator painted red by a guy named Mark Thori. He's an appliance painter that was recommended by General Appliance in Berkeley. He uses car paint I think. Anyway. We love our red fridge. It looks really retro. It does get scratched though...just like a car would..but he said he would come out and touch it up. Mark Thori's number is 935 685-8797 carrie

Toaster Repair

October 2002

I have an old (1950's?) toaster that has worked for years, but finally stopped heating up. Can anyone recommend a reasonably local repair shop? I don't want to buy a new one, I want mine to toast for another 50 years! R.K.

For vintage toaster (or other small appliance) repair, call Mr. Toaster at 707/554-2587 in Vallejo. We've used him and he's good. He travels around, so you probably won't have to go to him. Joan

Repair for espresso machine

Aug 2003

Does anyone know of a shop that can repair an espresso machine? Julie

Thomas Cara & Sons in SF ... I think they're on Pacific St., near Sansome ... right about where the Financial District turns into North Beach. The sons are all that's left now, but they really know their stuff. aj

Check out Thomas Cara in SF: The Caras sell to both commercial and residential patrons and handle all the west coast warranty repairs for Pavoni. They also service Riviera and Gaggia from Italy and Femoka models from France. Repairs take approximately three-four weeks as parts must be shipped from Europe.