Seeking wise psychologist/therapist for 'unsticking'

The archives have lots of names, but not many recent experiences - do you know a psychologist or therapist who has helped you or someone you love finally get 'unstuck' after so many years? 

To be oddly specific (hoping it helps steer me in the right direction) I 'lack confidence in my ability to change' according to my current provider. I just can't find my way out of childhood trauma (not sexual) that left me with a bit of a split - my young and current emotional selves don't like to mix it up, and I really do want to be whole. I'm looking for someone who can help me tap into those younger parts of my emotional self and integrate, so that I can move forward, and leave behind the anxiety and fears that are paralyzing me. This crisis has made me feel like I'm near the end of my journey and I've just been spinning my wheels back at the gate.

I think I would be more confident with the right guidance - someone super wise, kind, experienced, insightful, and ready to push when I need it -  if you have someone to recommend that you think could help I would be TRULY appreciative. 

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I strongly recommend Gregg Bernstein, PhD, Psychologist, in Oakland, 19 Glen Eden Ave. | Oakland, CA 94611 | (510) 652-0837.


Personal Experience-

Gregg Bernstein has decades of experience helping young adults and adults strengthen their sense of self.  His aim seems to be helping his client turn into human beings fully comfortable with who they are meant to be. And subsequently, fleshing out a life that fulfills their own unique qualities and personal ambitions. He does this through working hard to accurately perceive his clients, for who they really are. He then offers the kind of intelligent, sensitive, and understanding acceptance that is communicated through a reflective therapeutic relationship that supports and strengthens his patient’s embattled or yet unrecognized independent self-identity.

His exceptional talent as a therapist is to intelligently and warmly engage his clients in the therapy process so that they move from confusion and distress to a sense of safety, self-awareness and eventually a deep and comfortable satisfaction with who they really are.

Regardless of whatever of my organic or historic traumas created barriers to internal psychological balance and harmony my personal experience with Gregg Bernstein has been that he is a therapist who transcends all the clinical terminology and gets right to the heart of the matter. He is very capable and does the kind of therapy that results in developing a stable and effective sense of self capable of healthy relationships.

For example: If it were not for Gregg’s understanding of ADHD, my return to college for a mid-life change of career would have been impossible. (There is a testimonial on his website where someone with ADHD is writing about how Gregg helped them, as well.)

My own experience with him is as an adult  female with multiple concerns including body dysmorphia (in full remission) eating disorder, ADHD and other aspects from early infant neglect,  was that he was able to address all the diagnoses without ever making me feel like this diagnosis was all I was. He wanted me to learn about who I was in a much bigger way. I felt he was on my side. This meant that the impact of his work was so much deeper that I ended up much stronger in life than I ever imagined I could be.

I strongly recommend Dr. Bernstein as a therapist, regardless of time of life, or specific diagnoses.

I don't know a therapist per se, but you might find one of Evoke's online therapy workshops a good place to start.  They just started offering their intensives, which are normally done at their facility in Utah, online.  The one I am thinking of is called "Finding You" and it is specifically for those "who may feel stuck or could benefit from a therapeutic accelerator".

Here is the link to their website where you can find more information:

Good luck!

Not a therapist but I highly recommend Susan Champagne for mindfulness-based life coaching. I've seen her for years and she is warm and helpful, and will give you those gentle pushes if you so desire.  Best wishes!