Seeking therapist f/parenting anxiety (esp dads)

Does anyone out there have a recommendation for a talk therapist who specializes in helping parents -- especially dads -- with parenting anxiety and overwhelm?  

My husband and I have two wonderful kids, ages 6 and 3. Husband works full-time, and has worked from home full-time since 3-yr-old was a baby. He is a great--and very involved--dad who our kids adore. He also struggles a lot with fears that he's not spending enough time with the kids, giving enough of himself to the kids, etc. This manifests for him as trouble setting non-disciplinary boundaries ("Daddy read me ONE MORE BOOK!"), trouble relaxing when the kids are around (he feels like he needs to be actively engaged w/them 100% of the time if he's 'in the room'), and overwhelming guilt about sometimes wanting (needing) kid-free downtime. Some of this can probably be put down to family-of-origin drama, some is larger mental health struggles, some just personality. This isn't a new problem, but pandemic-related stress over the last two years has turned it up to 11. 

I know many full-time employed parents of young kids struggle with a version of this problem. Does anyone have a therapist recommendation for processing some of this? Recs from other dads would be especially helpful. TIA.

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I recommend Ben Geiger, he guided me through a similar process to what you describe.