Seeking a Preschool ( Age 4) near Lincoln Heights

Hi all, 

We are in the process of moving from SF to Oakland:) My son is 4 and currently enrolled in a large play based program here in SF, and will need one more full year of Preschool. I am on 2 waitlists for next year and starting to get nervous about a spot. Does anyone have any recommendations for around that area with known openings? We are totally ok with Lakehore, or Park Blvd surrounding areas. 

Thank you! 

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You may want to check out Lakeshore Children's Center--it's a large, play-based program that is great for working parents. Staff have been working there for many years and there is low staff turnover. 

The preschool our daughters attend, Pumpkin Seed, has spots available due to a family moving out of state in May, my review is on BPN but I’ve repeated it here for your convenience. We literally can’t imagine raising our kids without Titi Jen, Damond and the Moodie kids too! Our daughters are becoming intelligent thinkers, creative artists, excellent members of a community and just all around beautiful human beings due in no small part to the steady leadership, education and guidance offered by this amazing place called Pumpkin Seed. I feel like my children are being raised in a larger family and caring community, something truly special.

When my older daughter started kindergarten this past year she was 1000% prepared, it was a beautiful thing to have so much confidence in her ability to thrive in a new environment. Pumpkin Seed has an amazing program, from field trips to the library, swimming lessons in the summer, daily hikes to explore and wonder, a curriculum that inspires, beautiful art projects, chickens, music, kite nights, movie nights, date nights, breakfast and lunch prepared from scratch with a menu that makes me salivate and my kids ACTUALLY eat all their veggies! The daily reports specifically written about my children helped me feel completely in tune with their wins, tough moments, and overall what’s going on at school. The advice of Titi Jen and Damond has been so essential to our parenting experience, we feel so supported! The community they work so hard to build have become our forever friends. We couldn’t be more grateful!

Please consider checking them out: