Seeking practical, empathetic, helpful counselor for stubborn depression

Can anyone recommend a counselor who has helped them through life-altering depression, helping them get back on their feet and stick to "normal" routine?  Please send me names and contact info, and THANKS.

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I highly recommend Amy Wallerstein Friedman, who practices in Oakland. I've seen multiple therapists in different cities and Amy is by far the best. She got me through almost a decade of on and off depression and I am now in a very good place. Practical, very wise, empathetic, and intelligent. I like her a lot.

I would hugely recommend Dr. Lisa Lancaster.  She is in Berkeley right near the Oakland line.   She helped me with severe depression a few years ago.  I can't say enough about how life-changing my time with her proved.  Her number is 510-841-2525.