Seeking pest control company for quality inspection and service

Hello: I'm looking for recommendations of a good pest control inspector who services West Contra Costa and can look at a few distinct issues. I am willing to pay for the inspection.

We have identified carpet beetle nymphs in our bathroom, and simultaneously all members of the family have gotten bit by something; our pediatrician thinks its scabies. We treated the whole family and washed everything possible, but we have to repeat treatment because the bites appeared again. I am now wondering about rat or bird mites as the culprit based on prior BPN posts. I'd like to have a trustworthy, thorough inspection to help us figure out the source of the bites and advise on treatment of carpet beetles in a home with young children. If rats or birds are the problem, I'd like them to be able to do the work necessary to remove the source. We had Terminix out to inspect for bedbugs and their very thorough search turned up no sign. A second inspection for BB would be welcome. (Terminix offered a chemical treatment for carpet beetles but they were explicit that they don't deal with mites.) Ideally they are environmentally conscious and know how to minimize harm in that way.

I tried Dan the Bug Man and he doesn't come to West CoCo. He recommended CA Exterminator Services but I've made two requests for a service call and have not gotten a call back. Rat Patrol only handles rats. Any other companies out there that were able to solve a multiple mystery like our's?

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Try Aantex maybe, we used them for rats, but they can handle other things as well.