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Recommendations for pest/termite reporting company? May 21, 2019 (1 responses below)
Seeking pest control company for quality inspection and service Nov 10, 2017 (1 responses below)
  • We're in need of an independent termite/pest report. Without going into details, we have had bad experiences with two local firms and just don't trust the realtor's recommendations because they all seem to be very chummy with each other. We would appreciate any recommendations, and backstories if you have them, of why you would use a particular firm again. Thank you.

    GT Inspects.  We've used them twice before, when we were afraid that we had termite problems.  Thankfully we did not but they were very helpful and explained everything.  Great customer service.

  • Hello: I'm looking for recommendations of a good pest control inspector who services West Contra Costa and can look at a few distinct issues. I am willing to pay for the inspection.

    We have identified carpet beetle nymphs in our bathroom, and simultaneously all members of the family have gotten bit by something; our pediatrician thinks its scabies. We treated the whole family and washed everything possible, but we have to repeat treatment because the bites appeared again. I am now wondering about rat or bird mites as the culprit based on prior BPN posts. I'd like to have a trustworthy, thorough inspection to help us figure out the source of the bites and advise on treatment of carpet beetles in a home with young children. If rats or birds are the problem, I'd like them to be able to do the work necessary to remove the source. We had Terminix out to inspect for bedbugs and their very thorough search turned up no sign. A second inspection for BB would be welcome. (Terminix offered a chemical treatment for carpet beetles but they were explicit that they don't deal with mites.) Ideally they are environmentally conscious and know how to minimize harm in that way.

    I tried Dan the Bug Man and he doesn't come to West CoCo. He recommended CA Exterminator Services but I've made two requests for a service call and have not gotten a call back. Rat Patrol only handles rats. Any other companies out there that were able to solve a multiple mystery like our's?

    Try Aantex maybe, we used them for rats, but they can handle other things as well.

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Jan 2005

MITTS pest control? Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with MITTS pest control? We are not selling our house but have encountered termites and are considering using MITTS for a full inspection and removal of the termites. If you have a strong positive recommendation about another company that would be great too. amy

My house was inspected by Mitts before I bought it. My uncle, Bob Randall with Prudential Realty (869-4242), said that Mitts is the best. He's been in the business for *years* and recommended a roofer (Bill Wong, Interstate Roofing) who was *terrific*. Anyway, the pest report was positive and I haven't had any problems with my house. I hope this helps. Jennie Jan 2005

Burge Pest Control
I just wanted to write in because we recently used Burge Pest Control after reading the recommendations on this newsgroup. It was not the best experience. If you'd like more details, please feel free to e-mail me... autstein

Exterminator for spiders

See also: Advice about Spiders

November 2002

Both my son and my husband have been bitten by spiders in our north Berkeley hills home. My husband's doctor feels the bites may have come from a ''cousin'' of the brown recluse spider. My son's OK, but my husband has had a very bad reaction to the bites (he's had 2 now) necessitating numerous trips to the doctor, antibiotics, etc. Does anyone have experience with a reliable exterminator in the area that may be able to rid us of these spiders? Has anyone had a similar experience and found another way to handle the situation? (We're not thrilled about the idea of chemicals and the harm done to more friendly insects & spiders.) Thanks! Kim

I full heartedly recommend ''Employ Exterminators.'' Richard has come to my home three times already regarding a mice problem and has also consulted with me about ants and spiders. He is very knowledgeable and honest. You can't do better. Good luck.

Once again I would like to recommend the book, ''Common Sense Pest Control'' by William Olkowski. It is a treasure trove of information. In regards to bites, the book says that brown recluse spiders are commonly suspect, but rarely the actual culprit. If you actually think you have brown recluse spiders, keep shoes, clothing and bedding off the floor. Brown recluse spiders like to hide in boxes and papers, so those could be frozen before dealing with them. If you use a short-acting chemical, the critters will move back in after the chemical no longer works. If you use a long-acting chemical, the humans will be in a toxic environment for years to come. I hate to think of using a chemical when you don't know what you are dealing with. A welt on the skin can be due to assassin bugs, ticks, mites, fleas, mosquitoes, lacewings, etc. It can also be caused by bacteria or viruses. sunsol

Wasp Nest

April 2002

Hello. I've discovered a wasp nest in an awning right outside my balcony windows. I'd like to have the nest removed, as members of our family are allergic to bee and wasp stings -- can an exterminator take care of this, and could/would someone recommend any service that would remove the wasp nest? Thank you.

If you're in Contra Costa county, the ''Vector Control'' folks will remove the wasp for you for free. Check in the government pages. Also have humane skunk traps that you set, they pick up. Ann