Seeking OBGYN or Midwife Kaiser SF


I recently moved to San Francisco and have Kaiser insurance. Does anyone have recommendations for a midwife or OBGYN? I prefer to have someone who is willing to take the time to answer my questions.


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I've had positive experiences with Dr Pamela Chan out of the SF Mission Bay campus. I've seen her for over a decade and choose to continue seeing her even after I moved to the East Bay (i was still working in SF). She definitely takes the time to answer your questions, and i had a lot as i went through 3 recurrent miscarriages before finally getting one to stick! She was also helpful in getting me a referral to a Kaiser RE after 2 miscarriages (sometimes they apparently wont do that until 3). The SF Mission Bay campus is super nice/new too and it seems that the wait for things like labs/pharmacy is less than their main Geary campus.

My Berkeley OB/GYN moved to Kaiser SF a few years ago... Amy Huibonhoa. She is fabulous!! Truly, truly, I loved her. She definitely is very even-keeled, happy to listen, happy to talk, presents the data and makes recommendations, but I never felt pressured by her to choose one particular path over another. She's a pro.

I highly recommend Dr. Shawna Hedley at the main campus in San Francisco. I started seeing Shawna at the recommendation of my pediatrician in June 2019 (my longtime OBGYN doesn't do prenatal care). She's lovely, approachable, and thorough.