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  • Hello,

    I recently moved to San Francisco and have Kaiser insurance. Does anyone have recommendations for a midwife or OBGYN? I prefer to have someone who is willing to take the time to answer my questions.


    I've had positive experiences with Dr Pamela Chan out of the SF Mission Bay campus. I've seen her for over a decade and choose to continue seeing her even after I moved to the East Bay (i was still working in SF). She definitely takes the time to answer your questions, and i had a lot as i went through 3 recurrent miscarriages before finally getting one to stick! She was also helpful in getting me a referral to a Kaiser RE after 2 miscarriages (sometimes they apparently wont do that until 3). The SF Mission Bay campus is super nice/new too and it seems that the wait for things like labs/pharmacy is less than their main Geary campus.

    My Berkeley OB/GYN moved to Kaiser SF a few years ago... Amy Huibonhoa. She is fabulous!! Truly, truly, I loved her. She definitely is very even-keeled, happy to listen, happy to talk, presents the data and makes recommendations, but I never felt pressured by her to choose one particular path over another. She's a pro.

    I highly recommend Dr. Shawna Hedley at the main campus in San Francisco. I started seeing Shawna at the recommendation of my pediatrician in June 2019 (my longtime OBGYN doesn't do prenatal care). She's lovely, approachable, and thorough.

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Jan 2011

I am newly pregnant with my first and currently have healthcare through Kaiser. Could anyone recommend a reliable OB and RN at the Kaiser San Francisco Campus (we live in San Francisco). I would particularly like recommendations for RN's as Kaiser typically has you see them unless your pregnancy is high risk. I like to work with doctors who are straight forward, but have caring bedside manners. Elizabeth

The wonderful OB who saw me through my pregnancy, Dawn Ogawa, has moved to the SF Kaiser - my loss is your gain! I don't know what nurses she works with, but the one she had in Oakland was great. Policies may be different in SF, but I saw the doctor every visit; the nurse just did the preliminary part of the check. jm

July 2004

Re: ObGyn with knowledge of PCOS
If you have Kaiser, a wonderful OB/GYN for someone with PCOS is Dr. Sara Mandel at SF Kaiser. I've had nothing but great experiences with her. She's on the younger side (but plenty of experience), current on the research, open to alternative approaches, and quite collaborative in her patient relations. She is just about to go on maternity leave for a few months but will be back soon. Good luck

July 2003

Re: Breastfeeding Friendly Kaiser ObGyn
If you are willing to go to San Francisco, I LOVE my Kaiser OB/GYN, Sarah Mandel. She supported me in breastfeeding, including breastfeeding beyond the first year. She has also supported me through other non-gyn. medical issues. She's just a really friendly, great person. Ellen

Aug 2002

I recommend Joan Ogasako in San Francisco as an OB/GYN. She is based at Kaiser in San Francisco at 2238 Geary, I believe she's an RN not an MD. She was my OB/GYN for some time. She took great care of me before I got pregnant and afterwards. She is also someone you can talk to and ask all sorts of questions of and she doesn't get tired of answering and helping. The number for her is (415) 202-2200. Stephanie 2001

I'm very happy with the care I received from my OB at Kaiser SF- her name is Audrey Wright and she's wonderful, attentive, and always very responsive. I have a 4 month old girl that she provided the prenatal care. Melissa

OB/GYN I see a Nurse Practitioner named Kim Kroener. She's great. I've been going to her sincewe moved here 6 years ago. She did all my pre-natal appointments as well. I highly recommend her, she's caring and really puts you at ease. Terri