Seeking homeschool teens with Connecting Waters Charter School

I have teens homeschooling with Connecting Waters Charter School and we are seeking other teens for them to socialize with. They will be 15yrs in March. They are twins. They like Twenty One Pilots and Of Monster and Men. One like to play the bass, acoustic and electric guitar and learning drums. The other one plays the piano and learning ukelele. They like to watch New Girl, Mindy Project and WayWard Pines. We live in San Leandro. They are pretty serious with their studies but they are still your average teens. 

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Yes, I think it's difficult to connect homeschooling teens, they all seem to go off in their own directions :) Have you tried LARP? I know there are a number of homeschooled teens who participate...

Check out Alameda Oakland Home Learners (aohl -  Weekly Thursday afternoons at local Oakland & Alameda parks (& sometimes SL & Berkeley). A fair contingent of teens although some older teens are trying out schooling this fall including my 14 yr/o son, who also is a a 21 PIlots fan (& we live in SLdro).  Also, Berkeley Rep has a fantastic Teen Night, lots of schooled & homeschooled teens getting together for pre-show talk & dinner + Berk Rep show + post-show hot chocolate & talk, all for $10/ticket.  Look at the Teen Council tab on their website; there is a teen night for each of the shows they produce.  On Facebook, look for the SF East Bay Homeschool Teens & ask to join the group.  Feel free to contact me directly to brainstorm other ideas or to get our kids together.  There are definitely other homeschooling teens in our area.