Science Enrichment for Science-Starved 8th Grader

My 8th grader has had a rotating set of substitute teachers in science class this year.  He loves science, and the subs are nice but they aren't able to deliver the content that's needed. He is worried he won't be ready for the 9th grade. 

Although he's bright, this is not a kid that searches out additional homework.  However, he told me that he's "science starved" and asked if I could try and find him a class outside of school or some kind of program he could attend.  

Does anyone have info on a good local or online option that is happening now? Some sort of on-demand science class or club in the area?  It's not exactly tutoring that we need, but maybe there's a tutor that can also deliver curriculum?

Thank you for any ideas!

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I know the feeling. My daughter loves science. We found ATDP ( to be a wonderful summer program for science lovers. I think their registration for the upcoming summer is open already. QuantumCamp ( has been a great resource for us as well. If you are interested in tutoring, check out Bay Area Tutoring Collective ( a group of female Cal students who provide reasonably priced high quality tutoring in math and science. Lawrence Hall of Science has classes and camps ( it has been a long time since my kids did any of those, so not sure about their quality at this time. 

Hope this helps! 

You could try Quantum Camp, an after school program that originally offered just science but has I believe broadened to other areas as well. We had a really good experience doing enrichment science with them some years back.

For the summer ADTP has some good classes -- look for ones that are lab based, or recreational, rather than the ones that are designed to cover the school curriculum.