Reviews of KSS?

Hello- wondering if any parents can offer a review of KSS? Im looking for my daughter who is currently at Monte Tavor and who would be starting at 2yo. Thank you!

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I’ll bite. We have two kids at KSS Montclair. Older one since the pandemic. KSS had been pretty great. Maestras (teachers) are very loving and care a lot about the kids. I can tell they have gotten to know our kids well. I love that KSS is flexible in a lot of ways but also structured and has good systems in place. Generally good communication and responsiveness from the administration. My kids are native Spanish speakers and the immersion has been great for them. Most kids do not come from Spanish speaking households but it seems that their receptive language skills in Spanish develop well (though I think the kids mostly speak in English to each other). The other parents I’ve met are truly lovely, down to earth, hard working professionals, people you’d like to spend time with. I would recommend KSS without hesitation!