Retractable awning for patio or other shade solution?

We are looking for a solution to provide the back of our 1 story house and patio with some shade without making the kitchen/eating area closed in and cut off our view of the hill in our backyard (like a pergola would).  The back of our house gets the morning sun and I frequently have to wear sun glasses and a visor to do the dishes!  But by noon, the sun is no longer and issues and by 2pm, the patio is shaded by the house.

We are considering a retractable awning (either manual or motorized) and would love feedback from people who have had these. Did you like them? How long did they last (particularly the motorized ones)?  Any issues with them getting damaged in a wind storm (if we forget to retract them which is bound to happen every once in a while)?  Any issues with mounting on a 1 story house? If you love yours, would appreciate recommendations on the brand and installer.  Or if you had a similar situation and chose another option, would be interested in hearing what you chose and why. Thanks so much!

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Perhaps a simple solution would work better. Maybe try an umbrella on the patio to provide shade where people sit and Venetian blinds on the window to provide a view while blocking the glaring sun in the kitchen. This would be much cheaper and maybe better.