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March 2002

Does anyone know of an Awning Business that will design and install awnings for the home? I would appreciate any experience or information you have had. Thanks Candace

I am looking for an Awning Company that will do a simple seam repair and not exert pressure to buy a completly new fixture. One company said that there are two options; either remove the fabric, re-stich ''all seams, hems and reinstall'' for almost $500. Or, to purchase a new cover for about $770. Unfortunately ,we left our awning open during one of the recent winter storms, but the fabric remains in good condition. It is about 10 years old, but we have maintained it well up to this point. Does anyone know of a company or individual with a less costly solution? Gale
Hi, I noticed there was recently a post for information wanted on patio awnings. I am in need of a recommendation for this service too. At the moment, we have corrugated plastic which is looking pretty shabby. There must be a more attractive alternative? Any suggestions for an alternative? If anyone has had experience of hiring a company to install a patio awning, I'd be interested to hear from you. Thanks.

You might ask the great repair folks at Narain's Outdoor Fabric Spec, 1440 University Ave Berkeley, CA 94702-1509. Phone: (510)527-2509 They do great inexpensive repairs on camping gear, sounds like this could be a quick inexpensive repair with them!